Armenia, the surrender of the separatists ends the war: Nagorno Karabakh is Azerbaijani

24 hours were enough for the Azerbaijani army to obtain the surrender of the Armenian enclave of Nagorno Karabakh. The fighting, which caused around a hundred deaths, ended on September 20, when the leaders of the enclave accepted Baku’s conditions. It is, in fact, the end of the self-proclaimed republic of Artsakh, the name with which the independentists call Nagorno Karabakh.

First negotiations in the city of Yervlakh

After the surrender, negotiations between the Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijani authorities began in the city of Yervlakh. Talks which have not so much the task of deciding the terms of the complete integration of Karabakh into Azerbaijan: Karabakh has already been almost entirely occupied militarily by Azerbaijan and the local army has no possibility of opposing it, even if it cannot be ruled out that there will be some attempts at rebellion.

Guarantee for the local Armenian population

The representatives of the local government of Karabakh, therefore, have more of the task of trying to obtain some guarantees for the local Armenian population, who fears suffering discrimination and violence now that it will be dominated by Azerbaijan. However, the negotiations ended without an agreement, and there will be new meetings in the coming days.