Arms in Ukraine, Crosetto: “New decree, missiles for air defense”

The defense minister: “Sixth decree in preparation, I think it will be shared by almost the entire Parliament. Germany? In the end it will do what it has to do”

“The sixth decree” to supply Ukraine with new weapons “is being prepared, there will be, I think it will be shared by almost the entire Parliamentwill give Ukraine the ability to defend against air raids. It means missiles that shoot down other missiles. They are systems that have this purpose”. Thus the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto guest of ‘Che tempo che fa’ on Rai 3.

As for the location of the Germany“I have respect for other nations, each country is autonomous – he says -. The current German majority was elected to cut defense spending, they make the largest increase in 70 years. I understand Scholz’s difficulties, I find the pressures absurd of others, I am convinced that in the end it will do what it has to do“.

Messina Money – The Defense Minister also comments on the arrest of Cosa Nostra boss Matteo Messina Denaro: “I was moved and satisfied – he admits – not for the government, for the State, which had put another small piece in the fight that will never end between good and evil. A fundamental, symbolic fact”. In fact, Crosetto rejects the hypothesis that there was any type of ‘exchange’ or negotiation with the mafia. “We have areas of the country where there is fear. That is the gray area. Any other type of gray area is excluded, there has been no negotiation. The government has been very tough on the mafia”.

Wiretaps – As for the justice node “Nordio is esteemed by everyone, he is saying things that most people agree with – he underlines – . Time is spent trying to distort his words. He has never said no to wiretapping”.

EU – So claim the good work of the government abroad as well. “No one says how much Meloni’s credibility served Europe with Orban and Poland to unlock stagnant European matches, allowing von de Leyen and Metsola to achieve results never achieved. We are not able to tell our positive sides, it applies to everyone, we are always throwing mud. This government, at an international and national level, is doing important things”.