Arms in Ukraine, Meloni goes straight. League fears for escalation

The premier: “Full support for Kiev”. Romeo, group leader of the Carroccio: “We are worried about how things are going on the war front”

The ok, for separate parts, to the unitary resolution of the center-right in the Senate, brings to light the distances between Giorgia Meloni’s allies on the issue of weapons to be sent to Ukraine. Lega and Forza Italia do not fail to underline positions that are not entirely convergent: the Salvinians express doubts about the risks of military escalation, the Berlusconians are pushing “for a political solution”. “With my presence in Kiev, I demonstrated full support for Ukraine – says Prime Minister Meloni, speaking in the Senate Chamber in communications ahead of the European Council on 23 and 24 March – a support that will be ensured in the military, civilian, humanitarian regardless of the impact that these choices may have on consensus, on the satisfaction of the undersigned. We will continue to replace Ukraine because it is right to do so”. You then explained that Italy has “formalized a sixth package of military aid”, with the shipment of weapons that “above all strengthen Kiev’s air defences”.

Words that do not seem to completely allay the fears of Matteo Salvini’s League. In his explanations of vote, the group leader of the Carroccio Massimiliano Romeo sounded the alarm of military escalation: “We are worried – he says – about how things are going on the front of the war between Russia and Ukraine”. “The problem – observes Romeo – is not military support for Ukraine but an increasingly powerful arms race, with the risk of an accident from which there is no turning back. We are certain that an escalation of the conflict will be able to keep the war from Europe and from our country?”, he asks with a clear reference to the words of Meloni, who supported that very thesis (“We also send weapons to keep the war away from our home”). “Does anyone really think of defeating Russia militarily? History should teach something and whoever forgets history is condemned to repeat it”, the exponent of the Carroccio said, adding further: “What kind of freedom is that which criminalizes any idea that deviates from even a millimeter from the dominant thought? It’s more like a sweet tyranny.”

Words that are read by the Democratic Party as an attempt to disavow Meloni’s line on Ukraine: the group leader dem Simona Malpezzi also underlines the absence of Northern League ministers during the speech by the leader of the Brothers of Italy. In conversation with Adnkronos on the sidelines of the session, Romeo however minimizes and rejects the accusations to the sender: “The oppositions no longer know what to say… Expressing concern for a dominant thought does not seem to me a disavowal. In my speech I said that we believe in the government, which we are with the prime minister and we are convinced that she will defend Italy’s interests” but “the problem is the use of ever more powerful weapons” such as long-range missiles and fighter jets, “this is where there is a risk of escalation It seems very clear to me”.

“We have no interest in putting Meloni in difficulty, ours are just advice. That’s all. No controversy and no different line. We only ask for greater attention to the diplomatic phase, nothing tricky”, points out the president of the senators of the League, according to which “it is normal” that in the center-right coalition there are “different sensitivities. But this – remarks Romeo – is true throughout the country and in all parties. Even in the opposition. In the Democratic Party they take care to explain the Schlein line. .”. Basically: going forward with support for Zelensky, but without “crossing a certain ‘red’ line” which for Romeo and the League is the sending “of weapons such as long-range missiles or fighters. Instruments that risk exacerbating the conflict”.

The distinctions of the League do not seem to worry Fdi’s allies too much. “The League – Senator Marco Scurria tells Adnkronos – has always had a more diversified position compared to ours. What matters are the facts and on the facts the line taken up to now is the one expressed by the premier”.

Licia Ronzulli, group leader of the blue senators, also insisted on the need to find a diplomatic solution to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict during the interventions on the communications of the premier: “We have no doubts in condemning the Russian aggression, the compact response of the The West can only be Italy’s answer”, says the parliamentarian in the introduction, but we must also “seek a political solution that will put an end to the suffering of the populations”. Lucio Malan, who leads the senators of the relative majority party, takes the floor for the Brothers of Italy: “The government – he reiterates – has a clear position on support for Ukraine, which cannot be said of the current opposition “. According to Malan, without military aid, Ukraine could not “resist and be able to complete any negotiations”.