Art: a museum in the Bamboo Forest in Ferrara

It will be born in Kida Organic Forest, the bamboo forest in Ferrara, an open-air museum dedicated to sculptures by Enrico Menegatti, an artist and sculptor who for years has been collecting debris, mainly woody, deposited on the beach by storm surges, transforming them into works of art. For years these works have found a place on the Volano beach, but after a recent storm it was decided to keep them safe by moving them to the fields of Kida. Currently, five have been placed, but 15 are expected to be added every year.

Enthusiastic about the initiative the president of Kida, Paolo Bruschi, because this choice “enhances an original and unique art form that enriches the company’s eco-sustainable project”, he explains. Kida Organic Forest since 2020 has already placed six hectares with 12 different types of bamboo which in a few years will form a forest of over 180,000 plants on the outskirts of Ferrara.

The total area of ​​12 hectares has an eco-sustainable environment where synthetic chemistry is not used and has, within it, six hectares of dwarf clover, two fields of Paulonia and several hives for healthy and organic beekeeping: an ideal environment for installing a permanent exhibition of works recovered from sea waste.