Artem Uss, arrest warrant for him and his supporters

The Milan Carabinieri are carrying out – in the province of Brescia and abroad – a precautionary custody order in prison against Artem Uss and five other people accused of organizing his escape to Russia. Uss is the Russian entrepreneur who escaped last March from his home in Basiglio, in the Milan area, where he was under house arrest awaiting extradition to the USA. The crimes contested by the Milanese prosecutors are escape and attempted escape.

The Uss case

The precautionary custody order was signed by investigating judge Anna Magelli at the request of prosecutor Giovanni Tarzia. The execution of the measures extends from the Brescia area to Slovenia and Croatia. Artem Uss was blocked on 17 October last year at Malpensa on US mandate on charges of alleged illicit trafficking of ‘dual use’ civil and military material, smuggling of oil from Venezuela to China and Russia by evading sanctions, money laundering and bank fraud, immediately after his arrest he had his prison sentence validated by the judges. The entrepreneur remained in a cell in Busto Arsizio until December 2 when, following a provision filed on November 25, but executed a week later, he was placed under house arrest with an electronic bracelet in a rented house in Basiglio, waiting for the renovation work to be completed on the mega apartment purchased by his wife in the same residential complex. On March 21st the green light was given for extradition overseas, but the following day the entrepreneur disappeared and reappeared about two weeks later in Russia, complete with an interview and thanks to all those “strong and reliable” people who supported him. “stay close” in his escape.

US bounty of 7 million on Uss

Meanwhile, the US State Department has placed a reward of up to 7 million dollars for anyone who provides information useful for the arrest and/or conviction of Uss. The statement recalls that Uss is accused of having “orchestrated a transnational fraud, smuggling and money laundering operations through Nord-Deutsche Industrieanlagenbau GmbH (NDA GmbH), an industrial equipment trading company based in Hamburg”. As the owner of this company, the Russian businessman, who was indicted together with 6 other people, is accused of “illegally exporting millions of dollars of military equipment and secret dual-use technology from the United States to Russia”, in violation of sanctions, and of “having used the US financial system to facilitate the smuggling of millions of barrels of oil from Venezuela”. A few weeks after his escape, on April 4, Artem – who had managed to escape with the help of a commando by breaking his electronic bracelet the day after the Milan Court of Appeal had granted extradition to the USA – announced of being repatriated: “I am in Russia! In these few particularly dramatic days, strong and reliable people have stood by me. I thank them”, he said, as reported by Ria Novosti accusing the Italian judiciary of “political bias” and of having bowed “to pressure from the US authorities”.