Artificial intelligence a threat? International forum in Capri

Artificial Intelligence In Action, an international organization based in Silicon Valley formed by NASA, Pentagon, American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (Aiaa), University of California in San Josè and in which the Capri Campus Forensic & Security participates as a partner for the analysis of the legal and ethical aspects of “machine learning”, that is of autonomous computers, organized a three-day Forum directed by Mario Scaramella, to denounce the risks of Artificial Intelligence.

The discussion introduced by the Vice President of Google Research, Blaise Aguera y Arcas, and by Rogan Shimmin and Steve Butow of the Defense Space and Innovation Unit of the Pentagon, US Department of Defense, involved the Vice President of the European Parliament Eva Kali, the Director of the Science for Peace and Security by NATO Deniz Beten, Californian specialists from NASA Ames directed by Marcus Murbach and Jeremy Frank, the leaders of Intel, Pfizer, Novartis, Lockheed Martin and other large American companies, also researchers from MIT and the University of California in San Josè directed by Prof. Papadopoulos, president of the Forum. On the Italian side, in addition to the organizer of the Capri event, Mario Scaramella, who is a member of the Board of Directors of Artificial Intelligence In Action, professor at the Master on Security at the University of Bergamo and Dean of the Capri Campus, Prof. Elisabetta Trenta, former Minister of Defense, Commander Shawn Winter who is a teacher of the Capri Campus, former head of the special services of the US Navy, Prof. Francesco di Maio head of security of ENAV and Luigi Alberto Ciavoli Cortelli representing the Italian Confindustria which includes specialized federations on the themes of innovative, technological and space services.

The Forum is part of a series of events organized at the Cufa of the Defense Staff from Capri Campus with Confindustria Csit and Asas and which highlighted the risks of new technologies in the context of the Russia Ukraine crisis, dangerous for the assets international strategic. The fundamental theme, that is the democratization of Artificial Intelligence, was addressed live, through a virtual connection, by a panel of scientists and politicians gathered in the ancient agora of Athens, directed by the Greek minister for technological innovation. In the context of the potential and future of Artificial Intelligence, the Capri working group highlighted the risks that the tool is used by Russia and China as a weapon, in combination with the missile and nuclear potential of these hostile countries to the free West and that the AI so-called “strong” (ie the fastest and most powerful machine of the human brain and now sentient, conservative, competitive) constitutes in itself a serious threat.

The use of ethics, the role of the law, security, democratization as tools for the perimeter of artificial intelligence has been described as the only “moral” alternative to a new Middle Ages. The specific risk of Russian hypersonic missiles, the Sarmat RS28 (SATAN II in NATO code) capable of hitting targets at ten thousand kilometers and at the speed of Mac 14, directed by independent Artificial Intelligence systems, have been pointed out as a strategic risk that calls into question human civilization.

“Unfortunately, intelligence is also made up of illegality, unethical, immoral things and the Artificial Intelligence could follow this trend, like the ship described by Homer in the Iliad, which left Corfu without pilots and which operated with its own intelligence, such as if there was a human guide, so we must imagine autonomous tools but aligned with the principles of legality, transparency, democracy, ethics, security of Western civilization, otherwise we will have to pull the plug “, declares Scaramella at the conclusion of the Forum.