Artificial Intelligence, Altman: “Governments must define rules”

The governments of the world must deal with an enormous responsibility, which they have never had before, “to define together a framework of rules and the best possible applications for Artificial Intelligence services”. Word of Sam Altman, OpenAI guru and founder

of ChatGPT, in Dubai for the second day of the World Governments Summit.

Altman: “A vacuum of AI rules”

“There is a void in rules – admitted Altman in connection with the room – and I believe that with respect to this the only solution is to proceed with experimentation by analyzing what could work and what could damage” humanity. “And I believe that, at a certain point – he continued – the world will have to test all the different regulatory processes and it will be the governments, collaborating, who will have to define the most appropriate rules and the best possible applications for AI services”.

“Fear for the risks but also optimism for the benefits”

When asked what keeps him from “sleeping at night,” Altman unhesitatingly mentioned the “various negative and fictional scenarios” that have already been proposed. What drives him to get out of bed every day, he said, is optimism, because “I’m sure there are potential risks (ed. connected to AI) but indisputable advantages that can be used safely and to the benefit of the community”. With AI, the father of ChatGPT reiterated, “everyone will have the same immense resources available every day, therefore enormous potential” to build companies, express one’s creativity to the maximum and carry out projects without margin for error as never before, he implied, has it been possible to do.