Artificial intelligence arrives in Las Vegas and casinos are more careful

in collaboration with: NonsoloAAMS

Artificial intelligence it is a technology that is as complex as it is versatile, and has been undergoing continuous evolution in recent years. His contribution in many sectors is able to make significant optimizations, to the point of completely revolutionizing the normal course of business.

From this evolution they could not stay out of it i online casinowho have chosen to use AI systems to improve their potential, to offer more engaging entertainment but, above all, safer for users, with greater attention towards them.

But before delving into this field, we need to take a step back and specify what is meant by artificial intelligence.

What is artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (known by the acronym of AI, from English, or AI in Italian) is composed of a set of computer algorithms, which are able to process and analyze large quantities of information and data, make predictions and make decisions just like a human would.

A kind of humanoid robot, as we are used to seeing them in the movies, because in reality the AI ​​performs simulations that imitate human behavior and choices, implementing its functions in a program or system for fixed and mobile devices.

The “collaboration” between artificial intelligence and the world of online casino is given bymachine learning and from data collection, two of the best-known features of AI technology. The gambling industry, with particular reference to licensed online casinos and non-AAMS and non-ADM casinos, in fact, has been revolutionized (and will increasingly be) by machine learning. In practice, the task of the AI ​​is to collect information about users and process it, in order to understand the requests of the players, up to the point of predicting their behavior.

A very important fact that allows us to offer a quality and user-friendly service – if we consider that the number of online players is growing continuously and is increasingly demanding – without the need to employ staff.

How AI improves online casinos

Thanks to the possibility for casino users to interact with AI, their expectations and needs have increased; all players want to have a new, superior, fair, technological and safe gaming experience, so game operators cannot be caught unprepared.

Implementing these AI technologies to gaming platforms, in addition to the irreplaceable ability to analyze data, allows you to provide the user with a great ally in the field of online security, which differentiates it from previous technologies. In fact, the AI ​​manages to:

  • detect and prevent fraudautomatically analyzing user behavior;

  • detect suspicious activity with multiple accounts by users who may join to rig the game in their favor;
  • track accounts and analyze IP addresses of new or existing accounts, to detect multiple accounts from the same IP address. When the AI ​​detects fraud, it defends the user by blocking all accounts linked to a single IP, limiting the number of accounts trying to play in a single table or tournament from multiple devices, thus cheating;

  • prevent illegal transactionswith a detection and prevention program that imposes payment limits and requires confirmation for every money transfer;

  • apply two-factor authentication for added security: AI gives users the ability to freeze the account if it is suspected of fraud and restore it after fixing the problem.

Furthermore, another advantage of using artificial intelligence in online gaming is that of making the game more competitive, more reactive and more realistic, helping to create a more satisfying user experience, as well as considering the great contribution of AI towards from the promotion of safe and responsible gaming.

Users who connect from home are tracked to establish how much time they have already spent on the platform, analyze game history, what type of bets they make, how they react to a negative or positive result. If the algorithm detects suspicious behavior, it sets time and money limits for the player and invites him to stop for a while. For the most avid gamers, it may be useful to get customer support on the field to fight against gambling addiction, for those who need a forced break to stop.

Applying artificial intelligence algorithms in the online gaming and online casino industry, therefore, is necessary to meet the needs and assistance of the players, for the personalization of their game requests, for the analysis and prediction of wins and defeats. All information that, in the hands of users, increases the chances of improving their results.