Artificial intelligence, Bill Gates: “AI will upset Google and Amazon”

Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the world and companies like Google and Amazon will never be the same. To say it is the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates during an event Goldman Sachs and SV Angel. “It will be an epochal upheaval: whoever is the first to create a personal assistant with artificial intelligence will ensure that no one will ever go to a search engine, to a productivity site, to Amazon”. According to the founder of Microsoft, in fact, the impact of such a novelty will be so strong that the first company to develop it will have an advantage over its competitors.

The “artificial” assistant

Gates argues that such a figure will be able to understand a person’s needs and habits and help them “read the things you don’t have time to read”. But who will win this race towards such a revolutionary goal? There’s a 50-50 percent chance it will be either a startup or a tech giant, says Gates: “I’d be disappointed if Microsoft doesn’t get into this business, but I’m impressed with a couple of startups, including Inflection.AI “, he added, specifying that it will still take a long time for this “artificial” assistant to become part of the normal structure of companies. Meanwhile – according to Gates – the so-called generative artificial intelligence technologies similar to OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT will continue to be incorporated into its products.