Artificial intelligence enters the Anmi diagnostic center in Corigliano-Rossano

The first phase of the experimental project for the application of Artificial Intelligence solutions carried out at Anmi Diagnostic Center in Corigliano-Rossano, realized thanks to the support of NTT Data, a Japanese multinational IT services company and Deeptek, an Indian startup, has been completed. The program concerns the application of artificial intelligence to the recognition of lung diseases (including Covid) starting from medical images such as x-rays, CT scans, etc.

The trial, which began in September 2021, in 3 months demonstrated the ability of AI algorithms to learn the radiologist’s practices and knowledge, to develop an initial diagnosis at the pulmonary level, helping the doctor to focus on abnormal cases. 1000 radiographs were analyzed, by artificial intelligence which, in real time (about 16/17 seconds on average), expresses a first diagnostic judgment in English, followed by a second check by 2 Indian radiologists, and then the radiologist of reference of the structure, which varies during the course of the week.

The effectiveness of the AI ​​solution in Cloud made available by Ntt Data and DeepTek was verified thanks to the checks carried out by Anmi radiologists, who demonstrated a specificity and sensitivity capacity of 90% of the results through the intelligent engine, which self-learns from your mistakes during use.

“This is a concrete example of collaboration between excellences, where the use of advanced technology to improve people’s lives brings tangible benefits and goes hand in hand with the delicate mission of doctors”, says Dr. Carlo Zanolini Radiologist Doctor in charge of the training and quality sector. of the ANMI Diagnostic Center.

“This is a successful application of new technologies to medical methodologies to increase the capacity of human intervention – declares Giorgio Scarpelli, CTO and Head of Innovation of Ntt Data Italia – We accepted the challenge and a successful collaboration with Anmi has started. , diagnostic center accredited with the Health System of the Calabria Region. Healthcare facility of excellence in the head of Diagnostic Imaging, in extensive rehabilitation aimed at patients with physical, mental and sensory pathologies, regional reference center for pathologies of autism spectrum disorders in residential, semi-residential and, most recently, outpatient polyclinics, located in the Ionian district “.

This is not the first time that Ntt Data has made DeepTek technology available for the benefit of the company: in January 2021, NTT Data conducted research, development and verification tests for diagnostic imaging AI technology to improve access to diagnosis of tuberculosis per 100,000 people in India, in the Chennai region, a country particularly affected by this disease. The initiative saw the involvement of Ntt Data Services, Ntt Data Italia, Anmi Centro Diagnostico and various reference figures: Digital Strategy (Krishnan KV), Executive Sponsor (Davide Ferrario), Client Manager (Massimo Di Valentin), Head of delivery in proximity (Marco Salituro), Tech Support (Carmelo Murdaca), Tech Lead (Miriam Di Santo) and PM (Danielle Hundley), Anmi Information Systems Manager (Enzo Caruso), IT and Information Flows Expert Engineer (Antonio Reda), Resources Manager Human (Francesco De Bonis), Radiologist (Mario Ciacco).