Artificial intelligence, Google Bard available in Italy

The bard speaks Italian. As of today, Bard, Google’s generative artificial intelligence service is in fact available in over 40 countries, from Brazil to all of Europe. It is thus able to answer users’ questions in Arabic, Chinese, German, Spanish and – indeed – also in our language. A long-awaited novelty: since ChatGPT became a global phenomenon almost a year ago, prompting Mountain View to accelerate years of research in the field of AI.

A virtual assistant

A few months ago, the launch in the United States and the United Kingdom had arrived. Now comes the largest extension of the service that has a stated goal: to become an assistant for users in work and leisure. A virtual helper to write, for example, a report or ask for advice on how to dress.

Integration with Gmail and Google Doc

Expectations are high, for at least two reasons. The integration with other services such as Gmail and Google Doc and then the very nature of the technology: artificial intelligence feeds on data and if there is someone who has a huge amount of data available and has always been able to use it to the fullest this is definitely the behemoth of Mountain View.

The privacy issue

There are also at least two challenges that Google had to face before arriving in Europe: there is obviously the linguistic one, that is, making sure that the interface understands and speaks many languages. And there’s the matter of privacy. In launching the service, Google says it has worked to continue working with the authorities for the processing of personal data to ensure that Bard complies with the strict European regulation of the GDPR. For this reason, compared to the American version, European users will also find a button clearly visible to understand how user data is processed.

From text to images

Texts but not only. With Bard also comes new functions related to images, currently only in English. For example, it will be enough to frame a bottle of wine to ask for advice on which dish to pair with: an ambitious test for those who address the Italian public, at least if they want to proceed by clichés. If and how Bard will enter the technological diet of Italians, we will find out from today.