Artificial intelligence, Sunak: the first security institute in the UK

When there is now only a week left until the first world summit dedicated to the need to regulate artificial intelligence, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak returns to the opportunities but also to the enormous risks it poses and announces the birth of the first institute for the safety of artificial intelligence in the world .

The criminal and terrorist threat

“If we are wrong – the prime minister said during a public speech in London – artificial intelligence (AI) could facilitate the construction of chemical or biological weapons. Terrorist groups could use AI to spread fear and destruction on an even greater scale Criminals could exploit it for cyber attacks, disinformation, fraud or even child sexual abuse. And in the most unlikely and extreme cases, there is even the risk that humanity could lose control completely, through the type of AI sometimes called superintelligence”.

China will participate in the summit

The prime minister’s aim is to underline the United Kingdom’s leadership in the sector at a global level, but it remains to be understood how much substance there is behind the intentions. The summit, hosted in the iconic location of Bletchley Park, the cradle of computer science and where the mathematician Alan Turing deciphered the Nazi Enigma machine during the Second World War, will also see the participation of the Chinese. Exactly as with the climate, the prime minister explained, “we cannot ignore Beijing. You can’t have a serious strategy without China’s involvement, even if it’s not the easiest thing to do.” The United Kingdom intends to make huge investments in technology, also aware of the enormous benefits it could bring, especially in medicine and scientific disciplines. For Sunak, in fact, artificial intelligence will offer the “possibility of solving problems that we once thought unsolvable”. But much remains to be done to ensure that everything happens in safe environments.