“Artificial Intelligence threatens office jobs,” the study

The report of the working group for monitoring the labor market in Eastern Switzerland (Amosa): Jobs in marketing, distribution, retail, trade and industrial production will be particularly affected

If automation and digitization have so far led to job losses in manufacturing, the growing role of Artificial Intelligence will increasingly put office jobs at risk. He claims it the study ‘Arbeit 4.0 – The future of work’ published by the working group for observation of the labor market in eastern Switzerland (Amosa) published today in Zurich. ChatGPT and other applications that use this type of technology are radically changing the world of work. The report highlights that jobs in the marketing and distribution, retail, trade and industrial manufacturing sectors will be particularly affected. These sectors are likely to be particularly at risk, as they have a high proportion of routine activities.

“Artificial intelligence could be increasingly used in marketing, for example for the recognition of behavior patterns and customer needs and the associated personalization of advertising,” said Katharina Degen, head of labor market monitoring at Amosa. Indeed, the study reveals that the office and secretarial professions are particularly at risk. But the retail trade, already heavily squeezed by online sales, will probably also remain in focus.

The study also retrospectively examined the change in the labor market, highlighting a strong shift from manual to cognitive activities in the period from 2010 to 2020. The change mainly affected jobs in production companies, with the disappearance of many routine manual activities. In the latter case, employment has shrunk by 22% since 2010. Conversely, non-repetitive cognitive and interactive activities have gained great importance. Employment in these fields grew by more than 30%.