Artificial intelligence, UK government launches an investigation into the risks of the technology

AI is a sea change, and Downing Street is calling for security, transparency, fairness, accountability and manageability

The UK government has decided to launch an in-depth investigation into artificial intelligence and its impact on consumers, businesses and the economy, as it is concerned about the speed at which AI is taking over the country and the world. The government says it will follow five principles in verifying the application of AI and establishing rules and laws for the use of artificial intelligence: safety, transparency, fairness, accountability and manageability. In the spotlight there will be all types of AI that impact people’s lives, obviously starting with the generative AI behind the popular ChatGPT chatbot, developed by OpenAI and backed by Microsoft. “It is crucial that the potential benefits of this transformative technology are fairly accessible to UK businesses and consumers, and at the same time that people are protected from phenomena such as disinformation and fake news,” said Sarah Cardell, Competition Director and the UK Markets Authority. The CMA will issue a report in September.