“Artisti del Panettone”, the third season arrives with two Christmas specials. On Sky and Now

The official press conference of the third edition of was held today (due to the pandemic last year) Panettone artists and the event that celebrates the Christmas cake symbol of the Italian tradition, Happy Christmas Happy Panettone. In the splendid setting of Palazzo Castiglioni in Milan also present the winner of the last edition, the Maestro Vincenzo Santoro who this year will play the role of the President of the jury of the team of champions made up of Luigi Biasetto, Paolo Sacchetti, Salvatore De Riso, Andrea Tortora, Vincenzo Tiri, Maurizio Bonanomi, Andrea Besuschio, Lucca Cantarin, Stefano Laghi, the Pepe brothers, Carmen Vecchione, Francesco Borioli of the Infermentum Laboratory and Mattia Premoli. Also on stage Giulia Salemi, new entry of the Sky Uno program, “I had a lot of fun in this adventure alongside the pastry chefs and I will ask them the same questions that viewers would ask from home”. In the story of excellence, the desire to think about Christmas and enter the magical atmosphere that only this time of year offers, despite the period of alert that we still live today.

to the greedy discovery of new extraordinary creations

The episodes of the Specials arriving on Sky Uno will guide the spectators to the greedy discovery of new extraordinary creations that the pastry chefs will make using the symbol of Italian Christmas pastry, panettone, as one of the ingredients of the dessert. These are recipes that can be replicated at home using a few leftover slices of panettone to amaze your guests with original masterpieces of sweetness. The pastry chefs, stimulated by Giulia Salemi’s sympathy and curiosity to exhibit their personal vision of pastry, during the preparation of the dessert will provide insights and curiosities, and above all precious suggestions, to successfully make the dessert at home. In each episode the teacher Vincenzo Santoro, winner of the past edition of the homonymous competition, will reveal the secrets to recognize a quality artisan panettone, while the bartender Giorgio Facchinetti will recommend new cocktails, perfect to accompany party desserts and share special moments with family and friends.

the Christmas specials coming to sky one

Saturday 11 December, at 6.00 pm on Sky Uno, always available on demand, visible on Sky Go and streaming on NOW, the first two episodes will be broadcast.

The first episode is opened by the pastry chef Sal De Riso, winner of the Panettone World Championship 2021 and of the 2019 edition of Artisti del Panettone. Ambassador of the flavors and aromas of the Amalfi Coast, Sal De Riso transforms the panettone into a sumptuous chocolate glazed pudding covered with nougat cream. The great leaven maker Vincenzo Tiri proposes instead to reuse the panettone by creating a dessert that marries two of the greatest pride of Italian pastry, Panettone and Tiramisù. The episode closes with Carmen Vecchione, who gives life to an unusual salty version of the legendary dessert, creating irresistible Christmas Fusilli.

The second episode is opened by Lucca Cantarin, the Panettone Artist who reuses the Christmas cake to create a delicious Panettone Crème brûlée covered with a chocolate glaze. The leavening purist, Maurizio Bonanomi creates a very soft Milanese-style rice cream enriched with cubes of toasted panettone, while Francesco Borioli of the Infermentum Laboratory teaches how to make irresistible Trischettoni, sweet and savory tramezzini based on panettone perfect to cheer up the dinner table. Christmas.

The special aired on December 18 (at 6 pm on Sky Uno, always available on demand, visible on Sky Go and streaming on NOW) opens with Andrea Tortora who shares with the spectators an exquisite recipe based on Pandoro, or an irresistible Gaufre accompanied by a milk chocolate cream, a raspberry sauce and a reduction of coffee and spices. Follow the Pepe brothers, which offer a cake based on panettone enriched with a peanut wafer and a compote of “pellecchielle”, exquisite apricots from Vesuvius. Paolo Sacchetti entices the public with a Julebbe tart based on panettone, custard and almond and apricot cream.

In the last episode the world champion Luigi Biasetto transforms its leavened product into an irresistible Panettone Crème Caramel. Andrea Besuschio instead instead creates an extraordinary dessert dish called Waffle Toni, while Stefano Laghi gives life to an oven cake, a flan made starting from the panettone that Giulia Salemi wisely renames Flanettone.

happy natale happy panettone: the event that celebrates the sweet symbol of the holidays is back

The third edition of Happy Christmas Happy Panettone – with Panettone artists – the event that celebrates the artisan panettone, a sweet symbol of Christmas, promoted by Confcommercio Milan with its associations – Altoga, Bakers Association, ART Table and Gift Arts And Capac, Polytechnic of Commerce and Tourism – made in collaboration with MNcomm, APCI-Professional Association of Italian Chefs, with the support of Milan fair and the patronage of Lombardy Region, Municipality of Milan and Milan Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce.

two greedy appointments, 11 and 12 December

Two days of delicious appointments, on 11 and 12 December, at Palazzo Bovara, the Circolo del Commercio of Confcommercio Milano (corso Venezia 51) which will host the public in compliance with the anti Covid legislation. The new edition of “Artists of Panettone” which will engage the audience of enthusiasts with free tastings and masterclasses (subject to availability) of the artisanal panettone made by the 14 artists, aimed at revealing how a real artisan panettone is recognized and to suggest new and tasty combinations.

The team of the Panettone Artists, led by Vincenzo Santoro, It’s composed by: Luigi Biasetto, Paolo Sacchetti, Salvatore De Riso, Andrea Tortora, Vincenzo Tiri, Maurizio Bonanomi, Andrea Besuschio, Lucca Cantarin, Stefano Laghi, the Pepe brothers, Carmen Vecchione, Francesco Borioli of the Infermentum Laboratory and Mattia Premoli. There will be no lack of savory interpretations by the cooks APCI, like Tommaso Arrigoni, Vincenzo and Salvatore Butticé, Lorenzo Buraschi, Theo Penati, Giuseppe Postorino, Sara Preceruti, Andrea Provenzani and Fabio Zanetello. Mixology is among the novelties of the 2021 edition with the original cocktails signed by flair bartender Giorgio Facchinetti.

On Saturday it will be the turn of “Innovative Panettone” by Matteo Cunsolo, president of the Bakers Association who, in collaboration with the students of the Capac, will create two typical Italian products in a single product. The students of the Capac will also present their panettone under the guidance of pastry chef Giordano Villa and a chef from Apci. Gianni Cocco finally, the coffee master, will prepare the “Molecular Panettone” and the “Christmas Drink“.

There will be on the first floor of Palazzo Bovara the exhibition of seven Christmas tables set up for the occasion respectively by Scala coffee in collaboration with Alessandra Pirola Baietta, Easy Life, Taitù, Tognana, Weidgwood, Weissestal and from Martesana pastry shop, winner of “Artisti del Panettone” 2020.

Also present the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, charity partner of the event, with a space dedicated to the sale of Christmas gadgets and solidarity panettone, the proceeds of which will be donated to pediatric cancer research. Doctor Elena Dogliotti, Nutritionist Biologist and Scientific Supervisor for the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, also on Saturday 11th, will talk about “Health at the table … under the tree. Nutrition advice during the Christmas holidays “. The map will not be missing made by Chamber of Commerce of Milan Monza Brianza Lodi indicating the patisseries and bakeries of the area where you can find the real artisan panettone made with the traditional recipe indicated in the specific specification.

“Young Artists”, the project to support the professional pastry chefs of tomorrow

“Young Artists” instead it is a new project born to support the professional pastry chefs of tomorrow through the collaboration between Confcommercio Milano, Capac-Polytechnic of Commerce and Tourism and Panettone Artists. The initiative includes classroom lessons held by the pastry chefs who are the protagonists of Artisti del Panettone and on-the-job training, with internships in the laboratories of some great pastry chefs in the Milan area.