Arturo Vidal: how much is the King’s fortune

Arturo vidal He is undoubtedly one of the most influential players in the history of our club. Awards, recognitions and trophies have made King’s career turn him into a national hero for his native Chile.

Born in Santiago, Arturo vidal He made his debut as a professional soccer player in 2005 with the Colo Colo shirt. From there, he began his journey through great clubs in Europe such as Juventus and Barcelona, ​​in which he received a salary at the height of his figure and according to his experience. Currently at Flamengo in Brazil, King continues to earn millions.

not for nothing to Vidal They call him The King. His talent for taking charge of the midfield alone and leading teams in defense have put him in the elite of world football. For him there is no lost ball, so he earned ownership in each of the teams that he was as well as being the captain of some. With this, enough prestige to charge as one of the best.

uwArturo Vidal. Source: Instagram @ kingarturo23oficial

In addition to Juventus and Leo Messi’s former team, with whom he shared a squad, Arturo vidal He defended the colors of Bayern Leverkusen, Bayern Munich and Inter of Italy. No European giant could reject the need to add it and thus pay what corresponds, reaching salaries above $6 million annually.

Arturo Vidal in training. Source: Instagram @ kingarturo23oficial

Although football is his greatest treasure, King Arthur has opted for the business world off the pitch. At the age of 35, he owns several businesses, including a hotel, a limousine service and several shares of trading companies, which increases his fortune to an estimated $16 million dollars, according to the Celebrity Net Worth portal.