Arturo Vidal: the luxurious cars that his family drives

Alonso Vidal He is 12 years old and is the son of the Chilean soccer figure and two-time champion of America, Arturo vidal. During the last days, a video was released on social networks that caused people to talk. And the teenager is seen driving a luxurious high-end car. However, and beyond talking about the fact itself, the video does nothing more than confirm a passion of the Vidal family: their weakness for luxurious cars.

Arturo vidal. Source: instagram @ kingarturo23oficial

Arturo vidal and his ex-wife, Maria Theresa Matus, they divorced in 2019, on very good terms and without conflicts or wars in between. But, apparently, the pleasure of driving high-end vehicles did not fall into the division of goods, since both maintain it. And they make it very clear!

The BMW of Arturo Vidal’s son

Who also seems to have genetically inherited the pleasure for expensive cars is Alonso, son of Arturo Vidal and Maria Teresa Matus. And it is that a few days ago, the Inter Milan player shared a video in which his son is seen driving an extravagant BMW.

Despite his young age -it is worth clarifying that at 12 years old he is not allowed to drive any vehicle-, the King’s son, Arturo vidal He is very safe when driving the car. And the young man, who has set out to be an influencer and has more than 430,000 followers on Instagram and more than 330,000 on YouTube, is seen very calmly behind the wheel, accompanied by his father.

Alonso and Arthur. Source: instagram @monitovidal7oficial

The other motorized jewel in the collection of “King Arthur”

Arturo vidal has a luxurious collection of high-end cars. Among them stands out a striking McLaren 720s, a sports model, blue in color and which he added to his collection in May 2021. It is the second generation of the firm’s Super Series family and allows Arturo Vidal to go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds. And the maximum speed reaches 341 km/h.

Alonso and Arturo in one of the family cars. Source: instagram @monitovidal7oficial

One of the most distinctive features of the luxurious car Arturo vidal It has to do with its doors, which open with hinges “that move forward and upward, allowing more comfortable access to the vehicle.” The value of this car is as high as the range to which it belongs: the most basic model (it has 3 versions) costs more than 300,000 dollars.