Arturo Vidal: this is all that is known about the new King series

It was confirmed that Arturo vidal will have its own bioseries. It will be in charge of the producer of Amazon Prime, and of course it can be seen on the streaming service of said platform. The current footballer of the Brazilian team Flamengo will have his own story that, according to what has been known, will deal more with his personal life than with football.

The former player of the Red, would have already signed the contract for the use of his image, and now they would be looking in a close circle for the rest of the characters in the bioseries. From this documentary series, Arturo vidal It would become one of the list of famous and famous artists who have gone through the long list of Amazon series. Among them are: Isabel Allende, Diego Armando Maradona and the life of the divo from Juárez; John Gabriel.

Among the characters that the production is looking for would be Marité Matus. She was one of the first to be contacted, of course, and she is undoubtedly one of the most important women in the footballer’s life, since she is the mother of his children. However, until now what is known is that Marité would have refused to film. If I didn’t get her signature, the production wouldn’t even be able to mention her.

Second on the production list is Telemundo journalist Daniella Durán. It is not yet known if she has accepted the proposal, what is known is the objective of the production. The idea is to tell the entire chapter related to the Copa América, and the scandal of Arturo vidal at that time in Chile.

Arthur and Sonya. Source: Instagram @kingarturo23oficial

Finally, one of the most interesting characters would be that of Sonia Isaza, the current couple of Arturo vidal and who has a very peculiar story to be told. In addition to becoming the third in discord in the marriage of Vidal and Matusthe Colombian has a lot of legal problems in her country, perhaps that can be juicy enough for a bioseries story.