Arturo Vidal: this is how the children he had with Marite Matus grew

Chilean soccer player Arturo vidal and the influencer Marite Matus They began their love relationship in 2008 and fulfilled their dreams as a couple in different stages. First, in 2009 they were married by civil and then in 2014 by the Catholic Church. They were together for ten years and brought their three children into the world: Alonso, Elizabetta and Emiliano.

Marite Matus and Arturo Vidal. Source: Terra archive

After so much affection and projects, the love between the two ended. Despite their divorce, King Arthur and Marite Matus they have a good relationship and dialogue for the well-being of their children. Currently, the player is in a relationship with the Colombian model Sonia Isaza. While the influencer enjoys love in the company of the model and personal trainer, Camilo Huerta.

Vidal and Matus with their children. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

The sons of Arturo vidal and Marité Matus have been growing and gaining more prominence for the press and fans, who follow them closely on social networks. His parents love to share and publicly show their special family moments, but without a doubt Alonso, the eldest son, gets all the attention.

Recently, Arturo vidal He shared with his Instagram followers, photos with his children at the end of the year parties. “The best gift life has given me. My loves! ‘Monito’ doesn’t like photos”, said the athlete and sent Alonso Vidal to the front.

Marite with her children. Source: instagram @mariteematus

For its part, Marite Matus He also posted a photo with his children celebrating Christmas on his account and on other occasions, images with Arturo present. Even though they don’t live together, they are one big blended family and take care of the three boys’ upbringing completely.

Arturo Vidal and his son Monito Vidal. Source: Instagram @ kingarturo23oficial

Vidal’s most famous son is known by his nickname “Monito Vidal” and is almost 13 years old. Her presence on social networks is supervised by her parents. On Instagram she has 431 thousand followers, on YouTube she has 336 thousand subscribers and on Tik Tok more than 40 thousand fans so far. The pre-adolescent was awarded the “Copihue Oro 2018” when he had just appeared on the networks and was highlighted as the “Best YouTuber in Chile” at that time. Ahroa, he often shares photos and videos with his parents and siblings, to whom he constantly expresses affection.