Arval launches the U_Ahead program for workers’ health

Corporate wellbeing enters the scene, i.e. attention to the well-being of the worker at 360 degrees with the knowledge that a happy employee will be able to appreciate their company more and help it achieve better results

It’s called ‘great resignation’ and it’s the phenomenon that involves many companies grappling with the significant increase in resignations by their employees. A global problem that does not spare Italy. In 2022, a record number of resignations was recorded in our country: 1.6 million, 300,000 more than the previous year. With more and more people deciding to leave their jobs, it becomes even more important to find initiatives that promote the well-being of the worker. Then enter the scene corporate wellbeingthat is to say the attention to the well-being of the worker at 360 degrees with the knowledge that a happy employee will be able to appreciate his company more and help it achieve better results.

The well-being of its employees is one of the objectives of Arval, the Bnp Paribas Group company specializing in long-term rental and sustainable mobility solutions.

“Arval has always paid great attention to the well-being of its collaborators and through various initiatives pursues the right balance between professional life and personal life, promoting diversity and inclusion. An example is the company supplementary contract, which includes a series of measures favorable to the female workforce, families and more generally to all company collaborators”, explained Dario Casiraghi, general manager of Arval Italia.

With this in mind, Arval has launched the programme U_Ahead which aims to improve well-being in the workplace, and which includes a series of initiatives dedicated to physical health, people caring and wellbeing. “Arval has decided to launch this unique and innovative program that puts the person at the center – continues Casiraghi – It is a program dedicated to employees, which is starting in these days with the first initiative aimed at strengthening the culture of health and health prevention. A free medical check-up program dedicated to all Arval employees. This is health prevention with voluntary adherence, which is developed over the next 24 months through a mobile medical facility and dedicated programming during the year. During each check-up, it will also be possible to carry out blood tests. All this with a very accessible user experience for our employees that allows them to better organize the intervention based on work needs at their workplace”.

The four Arval Italia offices in Assago (MI), Scandicci (Fi), Rome and Verona are therefore involved with mobile clinics available to employees directly in the workplace. On the other hand, there will be four types of prevention check-ups available: cardiological, dermatological, metabolic-nutritional, internal medicine. An initiative to which the workers responded with enthusiasm. “The response from Arval employees has been extraordinary – concludes Casiraghi – To date, more than 90% of them have joined the initiative and for the first screening we have already made more than 700 appointments. We are really very happy and we hope to continue like this, putting the person more and more at the center”.