Arval signs European partnership memorandum with BYD

The MoU identifies some key areas of collaboration that aim to support private consumers in the transition to electric vehicles and provide advice to international and national companies to accelerate their fleet electrification strategies

It was signed in Shenzhen, China, in the presence – among others – of Michael ShuManaging Director of BYD Europe, e Alain Van GroenendaelPresident and CEO of Arval, a Memorandum of Understanding between the company specializing in car rental and mobility solutions and the Chinese group, world leader in the production of electric vehicles.

The MoU identifies some key areas of collaboration between Arval and BYD which aim to support private consumers in the transition to electric vehicles and to provide consultancy to international and national companies to accelerate their fleet electrification strategies, both with passenger cars and commercial vehicles, in addition to the development of new energy solutions that combine electric vehicles, energy storage and solar systems. BYD’s electric car models offer Arval customers a wide selection to choose from, encouraging the inclusion of electric vehicles within company car policies, thus supporting the transition to electrically powered vehicles.

The energy transition – it is recalled in a note – is part of Arval’s DNA with the first activities dating back to the early 1990s. The partnership with BYD represents one of the main initiatives to address the challenges and accelerate the electrification of its customers’ fleets, together with dedicated consultancy to develop mobility policies capable of supporting the energy transition as SMaRT (Sustainable Mobility and Responsibility Targets), which involve the use of electric vehicles and complementary mobility solutions such as bicycles and car sharing; comprehensive offers that break down barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles, in particular Arval Charging Services, a package that includes a charging station for each rented electric vehicle, together with the card for payment at charging points and the automatic refund program electricity used by vehicles rented by private individuals; and telematics-based solutions such as Arval Connect, where data intelligence is used to guide the electrification of fleets. With data collected by Arval Connect on actual daily vehicle mileage, route tracking by road type and trips, Arval Connect can easily identify which vehicles within a fleet are eligible to be electric.

As he points out Van Groenendael “the energy transition of fleets must necessarily take place simultaneously with the evolution of a complete ecosystem made up of different actors (rental companies, OEMs, battery manufacturers, charging point suppliers, institutions…), which proceed in the same direction to achieve of a common goal. We are pleased and proud to partner with BYD, a company built on change and innovation, and to add their electric vehicles to our portfolio. Our customers need quality, affordable and attractive options for their fleets and this is what we are trying to offer them.” Van Groenendael then added: “In a complex and dynamic market, I firmly believe that, by joining forces, Arval and BYD will be able to facilitate the use of electric vehicles both for companies and private consumers”.

Michael Shu, Managing Director of BYD Europe, underlined: “BYD takes collaborations and partnerships very seriously. The Memorandum of Understanding with Arval is an opportunity that confirms our commitment to working together to achieve the common goal of making electric mobility accessible to all, giving customers choice and flexibility, while ensuring premium services.” He went on to say: “Advanced technological innovation in electric vehicles combined with Arval’s experience in long-term rental will create a winning combination. This partnership will allow us to offer competitive solutions to both companies and private individuals.”