As prices rise, new and unusual ways have to be found to save

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2022 marked a rise in prices substantially in all sectors. The main reason is the energy crisis, caused by the rising cost of gas and supply problems caused by the war in Ukraine. The increase in energy costs has in fact affected all production sectors and the transport sector, thus recording an increase in

The reduction of the purchasing power of Italian families is a problem that must be addressed at the national level, but each individual can, in his own small way, find new ways to save.

1. Cook at home more often

Eating out or buying ready-made meals can be very expensive. Surely you earn in time and effort, and maybe you take the opportunity to spend a few moments in company, but your pockets are affected. We should therefore reduce the outings to the bare minimum, perhaps for those occasions that cannot be given up or to eat something special that cannot be prepared at home. Learning to shop by buying quality products at low prices is therefore a great way to save, and it is always possible to invite friends over for dinner to spend time with friends. Savings will certainly be appreciated for them too!

2. Use a VPN and delete cookies

When shopping online, many sites are able to show particular offers based on the user, thanks to personalization services through cookies. However, this does not only bring advantages: sometimes, in fact, the prices shown are higher than the normal ones, perhaps because you have already taken advantage of a particular offer or because you are not in the right country. The solution is to delete cookies (and consequently their customizations) and use a VPN. With a
Online VPN
in fact, it is possible to show an IP address other than your own, thus accessing offers that would otherwise be precluded.

3. Start attending the library

Libraries don’t just have books. In fact, newspapers, magazines, films, board games, video games can also be borrowed from the library. By attending one, therefore, you not only save on reading but also on much more. Libraries also often organize themed meetings, study days, game nights, etc., so they are also a way to stay in company, as well as to save money.

4. Delete the payment method from online accounts

Many of the purchases that are made online are
. You see something that interests you and with a simple click you can proceed with the purchase. This is obviously very convenient, but it also leads to little reflection on what you buy. The operation is so quick and painless that the order is sent even before you have time to wonder if you are doing the right thing. For those who just can’t hold back, a solution is to not keep their credit card stored in the accounts used for online purchases. This makes shopping a little less comfortable, and you are more likely to stop before buying.