As splendid before as now, but did you recognize it? It hasn’t changed at all over time

In this photo she is very young, but even if years have passed she continues to be as splendid before as now: have you recognized her? It’s really her!

A truly minimal shot, no doubt about it, but which still sparked the reaction of the web people. On her forty-ninth birthday, the beloved host shared a snapshot of herself from when she was just a little girl. Let’s be clear: we don’t know how old he is in this photo or how many have passed. One thing, however, is certain: it is splendid before as now!

As splendid before as now: did you recognize it? Photo Source: Instagram

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On their respective social channels, our celebrities are used to sharing everything with their beloved audience. Not only do they often and willingly take pleasure in sharing shots that portray them in the present and in their daily and working reality, but they are also used to ‘digging up’ photos from the past. And make them known. This is precisely what happened to a beloved TV presenter on her birthday. But who are we talking about exactly? Well, if you look carefully at the photo, you will have absolutely no difficulty in recognizing it. Although years have passed, it is clear that the public figure has not changed at all. If you haven’t been able to figure out who we are talking about, read on.

Time hasn’t changed it: as beautiful before as now, who are we talking about?

“Qui no filter, no Luce, no age, very stupid, no panic”, it is with these words that the beloved TV presenter showed herself to her audience from a very young age. We repeat: we don’t know how old she is here, but we can’t help but notice how much, even now, not only both beautiful, but how much time has not changed it at all.

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Are you wondering who are we talking about? Well, the answer is really very simple: Alessia Marcuzzi. Always beautiful, despite the passing of the years, the TV presenter showed herself at a very young age. And, in a real heartbeat, he sparked the reaction of his followers. On the other hand, a different reaction could not be had.

When will we see her on TV?

It has been silent about Alessia Marcuzzi’s future on television since last July. It has been said that he could have participated in Dancing with the Stars, but the project has vanished. Now, however, it is rumored that it can run a program on Amazon Prime. It will be like this? Who knows! In the meantime, all of her fans, including us, can’t wait to see her again on the small screen.

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As splendid before as now
Photo Source: Instagram

In which program would you like to see her again?