As was Ilary Blasi, years have passed: let’s see some old photos

Today Ilary Blasi is really beautiful, but what was she like in her early days on TV? Years have passed: let’s see some old photos of her together.

There is absolutely nothing to say: Ilary Blasi is among the most popular conductors of our show. She made her debut on the small screen when she was only a child, the very nice wife of Francesco Totti has conquered all of her for her radiance and spontaneity.

What was Ilary Blasi like: here are some of her old photos. Photo Source: Instagram

Just recently, Ilary Blasi returned in prime time with Michelle Hunziker. Waiting to see her again at the helm of The Island of the Famous, the presenter was a guest of the Hunziker woman show. And she never missed an opportunity to enchant the Italian public with her beauty. Many years have passed since her debut on our own little one, but have you ever wondered how it was? Today there is absolutely nothing to say: Ilary she’s really gorgeous, but how has she changed over all these years? We managed to track down some old photos of her.

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What was Ilary Blasi like? Old photos of him pop up

Today Ilary Blasi is a beloved and very famous presenter, but have you ever wondered how it was in its beginnings? We know very well that his incredible career began immediately after taking part in Passaparola. Since that time, just under 20 years have passed. And Francesco Totti’s wife has become what she is today. But how has it changed over the years? Well. If you too are curious to know, know that we were able to track down some old photos of him. Let’s find out!

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If we talk about the change of the beautiful Ilary, we cannot help but show you how it was in the days of word of mouth. Very young at the time, the Roman presenter already boasted of a truly irresistible charm. Here she is:

how was ilary blasi
Photo Source: Youtube

Really gorgeous, right? And what about her wedding day instead? Married in 2005 with Francesco Totti, Ilary was superlative on her most beautiful day.

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Ilary and Francesco
Photo Source: Instagram

One year after her wedding, another very important event for Blasi: the conduct of the Sanremo Festival together with Giorgio Panariello and Victoria Cabello.

Ilary Sanremo 2006
Photo Source: Youtube

Finally, here it is today! Surely she is now a full-fledged woman. And besides being an admired presenter, Blasi is a mother and wife. Beyond this change, however, we do not notice anything different than at the beginning.

how was ilary blasi
Photo Source: Instagram

For us it is always splendid, what do you tell us?