Asi, the Oscars of Italian sport are back

At the Coni Hall of Honor

The “Sport & Culture – The Oscars of Italian Sport” Award, promoted and organized by Asi, has reached its 16th Edition. The initiative, once again in attendance at the Coni Hall of Honor after a year of absence due to the pandemic, was born in 2004 and is held annually. An event dedicated to sport and passion that draws attention to the values ​​that the association embodies, through its commitment to the territory and the healthy growth of the individual. The awards were established nationally to reward the Organization / Administration, the company and / or the person who have distinguished themselves for their work over the last year. Subjects who have shown how sport is a very powerful vehicle for social and economic growth, but also a fundamental tool for guaranteeing people’s health and social integration processes.

There were five prizes up for grabs and were divided into as many categories. These were: the ICS plant engineering and sports promotion section; that of technological innovation; the third concerning the ethical gesture, an award dedicated to Fabrizio Quattrocchi; the fourth concerning the athlete of the year, Oscar ‘Carlo Pedersoli’; and finally the last category, the Media award which this year was dedicated to Giampiero Galeazzi, who passed away on 12 November. To analyze and judge the competing projects were the president of Asi, Senator Claudio Barbaro, together with a prestigious commission made up of representatives of the institutions, personalities from the Italian sports and journalistic scene. The event, conducted by the Rai journalist Jacopo Volpi, saw the participation of the president and CEO of Sport and Health, Vito Cozzoli, and the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò, as well as many personalities of Italian sport.

The first Oscar for the Ics Plant Design and Sports Promotion award of 2021 was won by the Municipality of Asti with 86.4% of the preferences. This, with the redevelopment and modernization project of the buildings and structures of the “Capannoni Jona” gyms which will benefit about twenty amateur sports clubs, two roller skating clubs, as many volleyball clubs, at the Astigiana basketball school. , of a company of Archery, of the flag-wavers of different districts of the Palio of Asti and of the citizens, prevailed over the Municipality of Isernia with its redevelopment of the San Lazzaro district and that of Mantua which had presented the strengthening of the plant International Canoe, Kayak and Rowing. The recognition was withdrawn by the Mayor Maurizio Rasero and by the Councilor for Public Works Stefania Morra of the winning Municipality.

Instead, the trophy of the section named ‘technological innovation’ was raised by the Inail prosthesis center in Budrio, which prevailed over the Wilson X Connected Football microchip and the Absolute Frontiers II, the smart jacket from the Grado Zero Espace company. The winner of the award intended for companies, federations and media that have exploited technology to achieve process and product innovations in the sports field, was, therefore, the place where the triumphs of Paralympic athletes began and where the prosthetics of many sportsmen through plaster, carbon fiber, robots and 3D printers. The award was collected by the Director of the Inail Prosthesis Center, Angelo Andretta, together with the Technical Director, the engineer Gregorio Teti.

For the Oscar Fabrizio Quattrocchi, dedicated to the Italian killed in Iraq, athletes, match directors, managers, technicians or sports clubs competed, distinguished for a gesture of high ethical and educational value, or decisive in contributing to the diffusion of the values ​​of sport. The award went to Orizon4People with its foot race organized in Iraq to promote women’s rights and to raise awareness among the citizens of these particularly complex areas. This managed to prevail over the Lazio amateur football association, Fondi Calcio, and the Disabled No Limits association founded by the deputy and Paralympic athlete Giusy Versace. The award was withdrawn by the president of Orizon4people, Bruno Garbi.

Regarding the athlete of the year award ‘Carlo Pedersoli’, or better known as Bud Spencer, there were three great Italian sportsmen in contention: Emiliano Malagoni, Lorenzo Patta and Marco Orsi. To raise the prestigious trophy awarded to the athlete who distinguished himself during the year for his results or for his sporting deeds, was Lorenzo Patta for his victory in the 4X100 relay at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. The Media award, this year dedicated in memory of Giampiero Galeazzi, it was assigned to the communication activity considered to be the most virtuous in the sport and social sphere. The Oscar was won by Giampiero Galeazzi’s son, Gianluca.