Asia Argento: “Bourdain suicide not by quarrel, he sought relief from depression”

The truth of the actress to ‘Domenica In’: “That night he had been drinking, I wrote him ‘don’t break the balls'”

“Yes, that night I wrote him ‘don’t piss off’. He had been drinking. Anthony had the alcohol problem, which I also had. That night it was weird, petulant. He called me, I was happy that night because the next day I should have started my adventure at X Factor after the difficult years of Weinstein. But we must not think that he took his own life for that, we had fought many other times “. Asia Argento speaks on ‘Domenica In’ on the tragic death of her ex-partner Anthony Bourdain, the famous New York chef who committed suicide on June 8, 2018.

“The problem – explains Asia – is that when someone is depressed they feel bad, and there is a great lesson that we must all learn and I believe that Anthony wants this from up there: suicide is an extreme gesture but whoever does it at that moment wants to only relief, he doesn’t really want to die. He just tries to stop his thoughts that are too heavy, too strong. ”

And “unfortunately – continues the daughter of Dario Argento – when one is in this situation of great mental illness one does not ask for help, he is afraid of breaking the boxes, he is ashamed. This is what he did not do, he did not ask for help, neither me nor his wife. “

“We had both been drunk before, but that evening there was something strange about him that I couldn’t explain. But that evening he was with his best friend, I thought: he will talk to him, he will let off steam with him, he will get drunk with him. But unfortunately he never saw us again “says Asia Argento, recalling some details of the evening in which the tragedy took place, shortly after the two had chatted on their mobile phones. “Of the people who survive suicide, if they survive, half can’t explain why they did it, the other half admittedly explain it’s for trivial reasons,” she adds.

“I haven’t been drinking for almost a year and a half. It’s the most important thing I’ve done for myself. Like Anthony, I had a real problem with alcohol. One when he drinks thinks it helps you with depression instead of drinking. time becomes a depressant “.