Asja exorcizes her innermost fears with Hiccups: the video

Sobbing is a song that talks about my innermost fears: showing myself vulnerable in the face of the evidence of love. It speaks of phases and a mental split that only a twin like me can understand and feel as hers. I tried to make this idea even more palpable with the images of the video: the elegant part (Japan) and the apathy are given by the security of an initial phase in which I have everything, more or less, under my mental domain. When my “mania for control” ceases due to force majeure, there is a change of personality in which the roughest part (where I tear the flowers) makes room. The moments of lucidity begin to fade while not losing the indispensable self-irony “cupid you drank a little too much”.

The reasons why I wanted to cite and make my concept of Japan my own are many: my name and my connotations that help to personify me for a matter of somatic traits; and then the love I have for this culture. It is evoked both in the music (traditional flutes) and in the lyrics (I took sushi with one

Gucci baton) and in photography with evocative places. I have combined the sense of this sob with the pleasures of the table as, by common belief, operating ways to break this contraction. But precisely “digestion is another thing” so these theories are, if we want, a palliative, a way to keep at bay without resolving at the root. lack of lucidity that has not yet turned into complete addiction but into a beginning of

change. In the chorus part it’s like we’re going back. There is always a kind of clarity in which I consciously inflict guilt and pain on myself as if I myself were the architect of my own destiny, which is what we actually do, being our cupid ourselves. Consequently I get rid of the toxicity yes but “first another sip”; in the meantime I feed this hiccup (my natural contraction that I amplify when I have someone I like in front of me).

They hurt me so much that “the instructions are not needed but I ignore them and I eat sushi at will ”as if the” bulimia of love “and then the excess in an attempt to

solution was to heal, for the moment, what at that moment is anything but under my control. I’m a Bridget Jones who believed it too much. Then, in the end, demonstrating the fact that everything has its natural course and its natural conclusion, nothing, which is expanding, can be controlled; For this he explodes at the last (sigh!). The detail scenes we see (heart with flowers and syringe full of blood appear because I feed the arteries of the fake heart jar and it is as if at the same time I feed the care of the flower). The balloon bursting is the sob that takes over with cupid throwing straight and it leaves no room for other interpretations.