Asked for censorship and removal from theaters of the famous film: incredible

The censorship and removal from all the theaters of the famous film has been requested: what is happening in these hours.

Nothing else is talked about in these hours, it seems that the controversy involving the famous film has completely captured the attention of the media. It was released in theaters a few days ago and chaos broke out just after its publication.

Film removal request (credits: youtube)

In fact, censorship was requested and also the consequent removal. The film was shot in more than 100 Indian locations. It is an adaptation and has undergone a number of changes. Filming began in 2019 and ended in September 2021, after many delays due to the consequent affirmation of the pandemic. His arrival in theaters, however, caused an uproar: but what is happening? We explain the reasons that led so many people to protest asking for the removal of the famous film.

The censorship and consequent removal from the theaters of the famous film was requested: this is the reason

In 2019, the shooting of the famous film began and ended in September 2021 with no short delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic which then asserted itself. Now it is ready in the rooms to welcome those who want to immerse themselves in this new ‘adventure’. The release of the film, however, was not well received so much that the population he asked for its censorship and removal from theaters.

Laal Singh Chaddha is the Indian remake of Forrest Gump, where the protagonist is Aamir Khan, a star in his country. The actor, however, in the last few days has ended up in the center of the storm for this film that sees him as the protagonist. Not only that, the interpreter has also signed the production and the script. The Indian people, however, strongly accused him, holding him responsible for ‘ridiculing Hindu gods’, which is why it has led to the turmoil of these days. The remake traces the history of the country, focusing attention on some passages, but it would seem not to have been welcomed with pleasure at all.

film removal requested
Removal requested (credits: youtube)

Apparently hundreds of people gathered in front of the halls to protest and to prevent the public from entering. Aamir saw the clamor intervened with a message on twitter, he wanted to apologize to the citizens, explaining that his intentions were very different: “My intentions were good, I didn’t want to hurt anyone in any way and I respect the feelings of those who don’t want to see my film”, he wrote. The actor thus made it known that he never intended to hurt anyone and to respect the feelings of those who do not want to see the film. Meanwhile, the protests are proceeding and do not seem to subside, the groups present have made a specific request, namely the removal and censorship from the theaters of the film.