ASL Caserta signs protocol agreement with Codere to combat gambling disorder

A training course will also be organized by the ASL which will involve Codere operators, in order to provide the tools to recognize and deal with the signs of a possible Dga-Gambling Disorder in the first instance.

Fight and prevention of gambling disorder and pathological addictions to protect and improve the health of citizens: this is the aim of the memorandum of understanding signed by the Local Health Authority of Caserta, directed by Amedeo Blasotti, and Codere Italia, international operator of legal gaming represented in Italy by Alejandro Pascual Gonzales.

Giving concreteness to the programmatic objectives of the regional plan for the fight against gambling disorder, the territorial action plan of the Department of Addictions of the Local Health Authority of Caserta provides, in synergy with Codere, the opening of a listening and orientation desk, on a weekly basis, inside the Royal Gaming Hall of Maddaloni (Caserta) in via Stradale Statale Sannitica 265 Km 25,800, manned by the operators of the UOC Behavioral Addictions who will also distribute information materials to those present for the prevention of various addictions. However, the materials will always be available during the opening hours of the room.

A training course will also be organized by the ASL which will involve Codere operators, in order to provide the tools to recognize and deal with the signs of a possible Dga-Gambling Disorder in the first instance. Codere has also made itself available to host specific events and meetings in its room promoted by the ASL and aimed at informing its customers about the risk of a distorted approach to gambling which could become pathological. A concrete way to give the opportunity to those with expertise and tools to take the field and address the problem in a direct and useful way, without demagoguery, to promote a true education of the right behaviors.

“The opening of a psychological desk for listening and guidance on pathological gambling addiction at one of the busiest Bingo halls in our area represents a very important synergy, states Amedeo Blasotti, general director of the Caserta Local Health Authority – As a healthcare company local, through the Department of Addictions, we believe it is essential to provide support to those who may be involved in this addiction. Our commitment is to offer a professional, confidential and accessible consultancy service to all those who feel the need. This new service highlights our commitment to health and wellbeing within the community, and represents a significant step towards creating a conscious and supportive environment. We are increasingly convinced that prevention and active support are crucial to face this challenge and we are confident in the potential of this important service to our community”.

The Campania Region has paid great attention to the phenomenon of Gambling Disorder (Dga), and thanks to the Regional Observatory, established with the regional law of 2 March 2020 and established in July 2023, it monitors the situation by carrying out an intense an activity that also involves supply chain operators in planning the policies to be adopted, and in the definition of effective tools for prevention and combat.

“The Observatory, in line with its institutional purposes, places itself at the service of citizen health protection programs, with particular attention to users of the rooms and spaces offering legal gaming – explains Aniello Baselice, president of the Observatory regional for the fight against the Dga – Based on this premise, this body offers its availability to implement objectives and implementation tools with these purposes by monitoring the effectiveness of cooperation paths between social-health services and public gaming companies in the Campania local health authorities . The Caserta event falls within this horizon and deserves due attention.”

“It is with great satisfaction that we sign this protocol with the Local Health Authority of Caserta – adds Imma Romano, director of Institutional Relations of Codere Italia – because collaboration with local institutions is a fundamental element for our activity. Only through synergy and coordination between the actors of the public gaming system is it possible to obtain concrete results in the fight against deviance, whether linked to pathological gambling or to illegal phenomena. Codere has been operating in the province of Caserta for a long time now, offering legal and controlled gaming for several years and providing permanent employment to dozens of people. Experience has taught us that, together with the operators of the structures responsible for protecting the health of citizens, we can be a valid ally to prevent and combat the onset of pathologies linked to gambling, through the implementation of concrete actions. We hope that these virtuous models can be increasingly widespread, replacing mere cosmetic actions such as, for example, distance meters”.