Assago, Tombolini: “The footballer? I stabbed him out of envy”

“I could have stopped there, but I don’t know what came over me and I started hitting others too”

“When I saw that among the clients there was an AC Milan player (the reference is to the Monza player Pablo Marì, ed.), I felt envious, because he was fine and I was ill. I then hit him with a knife I had in my hand and I could stop there, but I don’t know what came over me and I started hitting other people too. “These are the words that Andrea Tombolini put in the minutes in the validation interrogation in front of me. to Milan judge Patrizia Nobile The man must answer for murder and two attempted murders after the assault on the Carrefour hypermarket in Assago.

Words that could also reconstruct the sequence of the “homicidal rampage” of the 46-year-old subjected to precautionary measures in the psychiatric ward of the San Paolo hospital – complete with a garrison to avoid escapes – which he left on the shelves of the supermarket a victim and five injuredtwo so serious as to constitute the crime of attempted murder.

An action that Tombolini has never denied and that even in front of the prosecutor Paolo Storari motivated with a precise feeling: “If I have to describe a feeling I had on the occasion, it was that of envy because the people I hit were fine, while I was sick “the words of the man convinced that he has a tumor and must die.