Assange, Di Battista: “From September my monologue throughout Italy”

The former pentastellato appeals on Facebook to organize the tour: “I will go over the history of Wikileaks and the shocking news that we have forgotten”

Alessandro Di Battista announces the will to bring his monologue ‘Assange, hit one to educate a hundred’ is on tour throughout Italy, and asks for everyone’s contribution to carry out this project of his which, he says, he would like to start in mid-September. “Twelve hundred people attended the monologue on 1 and 5 June that I wrote and staged thanks to a fantastic team. Twelve hundred people are not a few, a sign that the theme (contrary to what the ‘mainstream’ journalists who hide their cowardice behind the excuse of ‘listenings’) it does interest it”, writes Di Battista on Facebook.

“It’s a monologue that traces the history of Wikileaks – he explains – remembering all that the news organization created by Assange and by other activists has published. sensational scoops, shocking news, information of undoubted public utility. We have forgotten many things. It was the game of the ‘system’, after all. Destroy Assange with false accusations, with media conspiracies, with mass distractions to make us forget what he has allowed us to know. “In the monologue I talk about Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the US military-industrial complex, the mass surveillance by the NSA, media propaganda memoranda made by the CIA, dellarms industry and the finance that controls it“.

“Obviously – he continues – also enduring wars, the ‘endless wars’, those of yesterday, and the one of today. These are the wars that make arms manufacturers happy and, to quote Assange, the transnational security elites, including all those who get rich thanks to the reconstruction business. All the good things I have done in my life I have done with passion and I have put a lot of it here. Now I would like (from mid-September onwards) to bring this monologue throughout Italy. I want to do it and I think it’s a duty to do it”, and is aimed at anyone who has “ideas, theaters to involve and a desire to help organize the dates”.