Assange is an honorary citizen of Rome, the first major city in the world to award him the honor

The resolution approved in the City Council today in the Giulio Cesare room of the Campidoglio

Rome is the first capital in the world to confer honorary citizenship on Julian Assange. The resolution was approved today with 22 votes in favor out of 22 voters, while there were 34 present. There was much applause from the supporters of the co-founder of WikiLeaks, from the FreeAssange Italia and Italians for Assange associations as well as from the many pro-Assange activists in the Giulio room Cesare, present in the Capitol seven times to demonstrate, since the initiative was proposed four months ago.

We remind you that among the first signatories of motion 83/2023 are Virginia Raggi (M5S), former mayor of Rome, and four other M5S city councilors: Daniele Diaco, Linda Meleo, Antonio De Santis and Paolo Ferrari of the Virginia Raggi Civic List.

This honorary citizenship follows that announced for the Australian journalist from Naples, in the City Council, on 28 September by the mayor Gaetano Manfredi, through the tourism councilor, Teresa Amato. Reggio Emilia also proclaimed Assange an honorary citizen last September 18th and so did many other small municipalities throughout the peninsula. The first ever was Lucera (in the province of Foggia) on 6/28/2022, while yesterday Perugia gave him political asylum.