Assange’s father John Shipton speaks for the first time about ‘the beginning of the end of Julian’s incarceration’

A signal of opening and the intervention of the Prime Minister of Australia

Julian Assange’s father, John Shipton, in an online link with CnLive broadcast yesterday, spoke of the events that have taken place in recent days which mark – in his opinion – “the beginning of the end of Julian’s incarceration”.

On Tuesday, April 4, the latest in a long series of obstacles: the governor of Belmarsh prison in London prevented, at the last moment, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) from visiting Assange, despite having been granted official permission . The association replied that the prisoner still had “the right to receive visitors in prison and we are entitled to visit him as an NGO for freedom of the press. We ask for an urgent revocation of this decision and that access to visits be allowed without further ado”.

It was also later learned by Sky News that the Australian High Commissioner to the UK, Stephen Smith, visited the Wikileaks co-founder in London prison, “following encouragement from Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese”. The latter pledged to organize high-level ministerial representation to his counterparts in the US and UK. Now the question arises whether the UK and the US will actually respect “the position and office of the Prime Minister of Australia” or not.