Assault Capitol Hill, Trump invokes immunity against three civil suits

For the former president there was no “incitement” in the now famous speech in front of the White House, while the exhortation to “fight” addressed to the public was a rhetorical device

Donald Trump pleads immunity against three civil lawsuits that indicate him responsible for the assault on Congress on January 6, 2021. In fact, the former president’s lawyer, Jesse Binnall, argued before a federal appeals court that there was no “incitement” in Trump’s now famous speech in front of the White House, and that the exhortation to “fight” addressed to the public who shortly after stormed Congress was a rhetorical device.

But above all, said the lawyer, the president’s speech “fell within the broad spectrum of absolute immunity, aimed at preventing the president from being involved in civil cases”. The lawsuits against Trump were filed by Democratic members of Congress and members of the Capitol Hill police. The Justice Department has already stated that the former president is not covered by immunity because “the presidential responsibilities do not include inciting private violence”.

For their part, the plaintiffs’ lawyers argue that Trump is not entitled to immunity because “a president does not have the right to order his supporters to obstruct Congress’s attempts to carry out its duties by certifying” Joe Biden’s electoral victory.