Assault on Capitol Hil, Steve Bannon asked for 6 months for outrage to Congress

Six months and $ 200,000 fine: this is the penalty that the Justice Department will propose in the upcoming trial of Donald Trump’s former strategist, Steve Bannon, accused of insulting Congress for refusing to testify in the investigation into the assault on the Capitol Hill. The US media reports. Prosecutors told the judge who will have to decide on the sentence next Friday that since he received the mandate in September 2021 to testify, and deliver documents, to the commission investigating the assault on Congress, he has “pursued a strategy of bad faith. , defiance and outrage “by refusing to testify.

Bannon has always denied any responsibility

Trials like this in Bannon are a rarity, and no one since the Cold War has ever been behind bars for outrage to Congress. Although at the time of the assault on the Capitol Bannon no longer held any official role, continuous contacts with the President emerged in the hours leading up to the insurrection, the culmination of a campaign of subversion for the result of the polls in the United States. It turns out to be an eleven-minute phone call on the morning of January 5th and another six minutes on the evening of the same day. However, Bannon has always denied any responsibility for the attack on January 6, while boasting that he is the “ideological architect” of the efforts to overturn the result of the 2020 elections.