Assets above 500 thousand euros, government will evaluate the introduction of Next generation tax

Ok to odg Fratoianni with reformulation. Marattin (Iv): “Crazy tax collectors”

With a favorable opinion with reformulation, the government accepts, in the Deputies Chamber, the agenda for the tax delegation signed by Fratoianni and Piccolotti (Avs), which commits the government “to evaluate” the introduction of a capital tax on assets exceeding 500 thousand euros, the Next Generation Tax, “to ensure that all children and young people residing in Italy can be educated, from nursery school to university, completely free of charge”. In the original text, the odg committed the government to adopt the Next Generation “in the next useful provision”, the reformulation commits the government to evaluate its introduction.

“In Italy the wealthiest 1% own 25% of total wealth, while the poorest 60% have to settle for 15%”, reads the original text of the agenda signed by Fratoianni. “While nearly a quarter of Italy’s residents are in conditions of absolute (five million people) or relative (eight million people) poverty, three individuals possess as much wealth as the poorest 10 percent of the population.”

It is necessary “to intervene in concrete support of the younger generations” and “the introduction of the Next Generation Tax, which would affect the assets of natural persons only if they exceed five hundred thousand euros, obtained considering the complex, in Italy and abroad, of real estate properties ( valued on the basis of cadastral values, not those – much higher – on the market), financial investments, bank stocks and luxury movable assets and, at the same time, the elimination of any further form of taxation of these assets (IMU, taxes on current accounts and securities deposits, stamp duties) would lead to an estimated revenue of ten billion euros”.

“The crazy taxers. Right-wing – comments Luigi Marattin, deputy of Azione-Italia Viva on Twitter – Here in the Chamber, the government and the majority have just accepted this agenda from Fratoianni. Who asks to introduce a new property tax”. “We at Azione and Italia Viva were ready to vote fiercely against. But the Meloni-Fratoianni government has decided to welcome him directly without even putting him to the vote. And is therefore ready to evaluate a new capital”, he concludes.