Assisted suicide, died in Switzerland suffering from multiple sclerosis

Massimiliano: “I finally achieved my dream. Too bad I didn’t achieve it in Italy”

AND’ Massimiliano, the 44-year-old Tuscan suffering from multiple sclerosis, died in a clinic in Switzerland. Maximilian was accompanied to the Swiss country by Felicetta Maltese71 years old, member of the Luca Coscioni Association and activist of the Legal Euthanasia campaign, and from Clare Lallijournalist and bioethicist. Both, for this action of civil disobedience, risk up to 12 years in prison for the crime of aiding suicide. Tomorrow both will go to report themselves in Florence at the Santa Maria Novella Carabinieri Station at 11. Marco Cappato, who on this occasion did not directly accompany Massimiliano, will also report himself as the legal representative of the Civil Rescue Association which organized and financed Massimiliano’s trip to the Swiss. To accompany them Filomena Gallo, lawyer and National Secretary of the Luca Coscioni Association.

In his latest video message, Massimiliano said: “I am almost completely paralyzed and I find it difficult even to speak. For a couple of years since I can’t take it anymore, this body is broken, it can’t take it anymore so I started to read up on the internet on painless suicide methods [….]. And I finally achieved my dream. Too bad I didn’t reach it in Italy, but I have to go abroad. And this is a bit ugly. Why can’t I do it here in Italy? At my home, even in a hospital, with relatives, friends, neighbors who support me. No, I have to go to Switzerland. This doesn’t seem logical to me. And so I’m forced to go away, to go away”.

Massimiliano in a video appeal in recent days had in fact asked to be able to be helped to die without suffering in Italy, at his home, close to his loved ones, but he was unable to do so because he is not “kept alive by life support treatments” , therefore, does not fall within the cases provided for by the sentence 242/2019 of the Consulta on the Cappato Dj Fabo case for access to assisted suicide in Italy. “In our country, thanks to the civil disobedience of Cappato for the help provided to Fabiano Antoniani and therefore thanks to the sentence 242 of the Constitutional Court which has the force of law – reads the note from the association – assisted suicide is possible and legal when the sick person who requests it is affected by an irreversible pathology, a source of intolerable physical or psychological suffering, fully capable of making free and informed decisions and kept alive by life-sustaining treatments and these conditions have been verified by the NHS. subsisting and verified for Federico Carboni who last June was instead able to access assisted suicide without the help provided constituting a crime”.

Bruno, Massimiliano’s father, had already appeared in a video next to his son who asked to be able to put an end to his suffering in Italy, without having to go abroad. Faced with the silence from politics after Massimiliano’s request for help, he had launched his last appeal in support of his son’s freedom of choice: “he is aware of his life. He is clear minded. He got to this point here because he can’t take it anymore. He can’t take it anymore. It is continuous suffering, day after day. It is his will, because he must deny this will. His body belongs to him, he feels what he suffers. And we can’t say no. It would only be selfishness, to make him suffer even more. I wish it were something made in Italy”.