Associated Sports Managers: Pagliara new President, receives baton from Barbaro

“For me a burden, but also an honor, as welcome as it is unexpected”, he declared

“The election of Fabio Pagliara represents a choice of continuity. MSA was created to create a network between operators in the sector and to give life to a path to promote sport which our country needs more and more”. These are the words of Claudio Barbaro, outgoing President of MSA, at the end of the Shareholders’ Meeting. Manager Sportivi Associati (MSA), is the category association of Sport Managers registered in the list kept at the Ministry of Economic Development, pursuant to the provisions of Law no. 4/2013 on professions not organized in Orders or Colleges.

“For me a burden, but also an honor, as welcome as it is unexpected”, declared Pagliara. “I thank the shareholders’ meeting for their trust and Claudio Barbaro for the opportunity to continue, in continuity, all the work undertaken. the real challenge is to make the importance and role of the sports manager increasingly recognized and to create a network among us operators in the world of sports”.

The work continued with the appointment of the members of the Board of Directors in compliance with the statutory provisions. Given the quality of the work of the last Board of Directors, the Assembly intended to unanimously re-elect all the members of the outgoing Board, namely Daniela Isetti, Roberto Venturini, Valerio Bernabò, Matteo Schiavone, Andrea Lazzaro and Chiara Di Iulio. The Assembly continued with the appointment of Claudio Barbaro as Honorary President of MSA, for the great commitment made since the birth of the Association first as a founding member and then as President in a decade that has seen MSA play a role in promoting sport even in recent times when sport is increasingly at the center of government bodies. The Assembly announced the organization of an event to mark the 10 years of MSA, the anniversary of which falls on November 11, 2023.