Asstel: telecommunications companies at the crossroads, either invest in networks or pay energy costs

“In this context of great uncertainties dictated by the military conflict, it is undeniable the need for support from the new government to make structural the measures for the containment of system burdens for sector companies, which should also be admitted to the measures of energy cost mitigation prepared in favor of energy-intensive companies “. Thus Laura Di Raimondo, Director of Asstel, at the Digital Italy Summit 2022, organized by the Innovation Group.” Soon companies will find themselves having to decide whether to invest in infrastructure development or pay for energy costs that have a significant impact on budgets, “he added.

During his speech in the Panel “The telecommunications scenario and the impacts of Pnrr investments” he stressed that in order to achieve the digitization objectives of the country, “in addition to the private investments of operators, about 80 billion in the last 10 years, they have been important the Pnrr funds, such as the 1 Giga Italy call – for a total of 3.4 billion euros – and the two recently awarded calls for the development of 5G networks in Italy, foreseen within the Italy 5G Plan. Tlc supply chain have accepted the challenge of connecting the country with an enormous social impact in terms of services offered to citizens, businesses and public administration “.

“The Tlc sector with its skills – he continued – is the enabler of the numerous digital services ranging from e Commerce, to Cybersecurity and, finally, to the Cloud. These services create value and are becoming more and more central in people’s lives. and essential for sustainable development “, finally observed the manager.