At 50 she had twins: “I had to decide which of the two children to keep”, the revelation of the showgirl

At 50 she became the mother of two twins: “I had to decide which of the two children to keep”, the dramatic revelation of the showgirl

At the age of 50, the beloved showgirl became the mother of twins. very true is now back on our screens, and at full speed with a fixed frequency at the weekend the splendid Silvia Toffanin keeps us company with many guests and beloved faces of the show.

Pregnant at 50 (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

During the interviews in the Mediaset living room, there are many topics that the presenter touches and addresses with the various guests present in the studio. We will remember the television host of Paolo Bonolis a few weeks ago, for example. But this time, in the last episode aired, that of October 23, we witnessed a touching story by the beloved artist. At the age of 50 she experienced the joy of becoming a mother to two beautiful children. During her pregnancy, however, she was subjected to a very difficult choice: “I had to decide which of the two children to keep”, the touching revelation of the showgirl moved everyone.

Very true: “I had to decide which of the two children to keep”, the revelation of the showgirl

To keep us company in the episode of Verissimo aired yesterday, Sunday 23 October, was the beloved Heather Parisi. Many different topics were discussed with the presenter. The dancer retraced some of the most important stages of his life. Both from a public point of view, that you have seen her emerge as a dancer and from a private point of view.

With Silvia Toffanin, Heather Parisi first spoke about her troubled and difficult childhood. At the age of 9 she found herself mothering her little sister. Family relationships were a bit intricate, but to date the dancer has made it clear that things are better, finding herself today in the role of mother. Among the most important stages that have marked her life, the dancer obviously could not help but add the encounter that changed her life.

The one with the man who today is her life partner and father of her two children, Umberto. Heather Parisi told of how much she wanted to build a family with him: “I wanted to have a child with my husband Umberto. When you least expect it, things happen. In September I got pregnant with my twins“. However, as she herself said, she had to face a not very peaceful period. She at the age of 50 she became pregnant with twins. In the opinion of her gynecologist, given her age, the dancer should have chosen which of the twins to keep alive. A touching story the one faced by Heather Parisi. “My gynecologist told me I had to decide which one to keep. Umberto and I refused, despite the risks also for my health. I replied, ‘There is no way I can decide to eliminate one of my children“.

showgirl revelation
Heather Parisi to Verissimo (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

Hearing those words must not have been absolutely easy, but the two have not even thought for a moment about this possibility. And today, Heather Parisi and her husband Umberto, are the parents of two beautiful children, Dylan and Elizabeth.