At Casa Tutti Bene – The series, tomorrow on Sky and NOW with a new appointment. Advances

Pietro’s will is a real storm that unexpectedly strikes the family serenity of the Ristuccia family, forced to share the management of the restaurant with the Mariani and for this reason more and more divided in the new appointment with HOME ALL WELL – THE SERIES, the first TV project of Gabriele Muccino reboot of his eponymous film from tomorrow on Sky Serie and streaming on NOW with third and fourth episode, from 9.15 pm (A Casa Tutti Bene – La Serie, Jovanotti’s theme song).

Produced by Sky and Marco Belardi for Lotus Production – a Leone Film Group company, A Casa Tutti Bene – The series is a family drama in eight episodes shot by Gabriele Muccino and written by him together with Barbara Petronio (also creative producer), Andrea Nobile, Gabriele Galli, Camilla Buizza.

the choral cast

A large choral cast plays the members of the large family, in its two branches, at the center of the story: Laura Morante (Laces, Cherries, Remember me) And Francesco Acquaroli (Fargo, Suburra – the series, Alfredino – An Italian story) lead the cast in the roles of Alba and Pietro Ristuccia, owners of the San Pietro restaurant in Rome, and parents of Carlo, Sara and Paolo played respectively by Francesco Scianna (Baarìa, The mafia only kills in the summer, Latin lover), Silvia D’Amico (The Place, Gagarin hotels, Christian) And Simone Liberati (Petra, The prophecy of the armadillo, Suburra). Eurydice Axen (The Infidels, They, The process) it is Elettra, Carlo’s ex-wife, while the newcomer Sveva Mariani plays Luna, the couple’s daughter, linked to Manuel, the cook of the San Pietro played by Francesco Martino (The gold of Scampia, Catturandi – In the name of the father). As Guinevere, Carlo’s current companion, Laura Adriani (All Freud’s fault, There is no more religion). Antonio Folletto (Gomorra – The series, Capri-Revolution, The bastards of Pizzofalcone) is Sara’s partner, Diego. So the Marians: Paola Sotgiu (Suburra – the series) plays Maria Mariani, sister of Pietro and mother of Sandro and Riccardo Mariani, in whose shoes they will appear Valerio Aprea (Boris, Sons, I stop when I want) And Alessio Moneta (1992, kiss Me again). Emma Marrone (The best years) plays Riccardo’s partner, Luana, while Milena Mancini (The land of enough, Unarmed hand) will be Beatrice, Sandro’s partner. In the cast also the very young Federico Ielapi (Pinocchio, Quo vado ?, All for 1 – 1 for all), Maria Chiara Centorami (How the fish jump, University – Much more than friends) And Mariana Falace (The best years, You only live once).


The first family lunch after Pietro’s death brings out new tensions between the brothers. Carlo tries to convince Paolo to support him in the project in Sardinia and his younger brother acts as an intermediary with Riccardo, who in the meantime has invited a few friends to the restaurant to celebrate. Meanwhile, Paolo and Giovanni touch the tragedy during a trip to Fregene and Beatrice tries to find a job for Sandro to make him feel useful.

Carlo gets an extension from Mandolesi while Salemi prevents Riccardo from withdrawing a large amount from the restaurant’s current account without the approval of his partners. In an attempt to get around the problem and find another solution, Riccardo goes against the Ristuccia family and pushes Alba to ask for Maria’s intervention. Meanwhile, Sara makes a surprise visit to Diego and Paolo tries, with difficulty, to preserve his vacation with Giovanni.

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