At CES 2023 Samsung presents new ranges Neo Qled, Micro Led and Samsung Oled

New products in an increasingly interconnected line-up and with premium experiences

At CES 2023, Samsung has unveiled the new ranges New Qled, Microled LEDs and Samsung Oled, as well as lifestyle products and accessories. This year’s offer includes innovative and cutting-edge products, focusing on advanced connectivity and personalized consumer experience. It is a portfolio of Samsung products which – underlined by the group – “allows users to live experiences tailor-made around them, thanks to a more intuitive technology than ever before. This year Samsung, in line with its path of constant innovation , takes another step forward to simplify consumers’ lives with SmartThings, the platform dedicated to the smart home that allows seamless integration between all devices in the Samsung ecosystem”.

The new Samsung Neo QLED 8K and 4K TV range boasts premium options that suit everyone’s needs. On the first, the image quality is entrusted to the advanced Quantum Neural Processor which with Quantum Mini LED guarantees 14-bit processing to the TV, while the AI ​​upscaling technology supports functions such as Shape Adaptive Light Control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro. for three-dimensional and realistic images. In 2023, Samsung takes Neo QLED beyond simple image sharpness, thanks to the high-resolution panel and proprietary algorithm that powers the new Auto HDR Remastering. This automatic remastering system uses artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning to analyze each scene and apply High Dynamic Range (HDR) effects in real time to Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content, making it more vivid, brilliant and therefore absolutely immersive.

Plus, SmartThings users no longer need to purchase separate dongles or thumb drives to connect and control Zigbee and Thread devices. In fact, from 2023, the SmartThings One-Chip module for Zigbee and Matter Thread will be integrated directly into the Samsung range. And for greater connectivity, SmartThings will automatically sync devices making it easy to manage not only Samsung products, but also third-party home appliances and IoT devices, for seamless connections.

With Chat Together, users will be able to easily access a live group chat to exchange opinions and comment in real time on the contents they are watching, while with ConnecTime it will be easy to transfer video calls from devices connected to the TV with the possibility of both using the TV than to easily switch back to the mobile device when you want to move to another room and continue the call on a different screen. With 3D Map View, Samsung’s 3D view allows you to manage and monitor connected devices thanks to a house plan that shows, at a glance, an overview of all SmartThings devices.

But at CES Samsung is offering the MICRO LED 2023 range with new models between 50” and 140”, with a wide range of possibilities for unprecedented image quality and video experience. The modularity of MICRO LED detaches these products from aspects such as shape, size and aspect ratio, and makes them fully customizable, to satisfy all consumer needs in terms of configuration. It is then presented without a frame, integrating perfectly into any environment and thus breaking down the barriers between real and virtual.

To provide consumers with even more options, the 2023 Samsung OLED range is now available in 55” and 65” sizes as well as a new extra-large 77” model. The new Samsung OLED line up is equipped with Quantum Dot technology developed specifically for Samsung Neo QLEDs, and with the Neural Quantum Processor, which allow you to maintain the specific characteristics of OLED technology, but overcome its limits in terms of brightness and color rendering . The range boasts a 144Hz refresh rate and all of Samsung’s smart features, including the Gaming Hub. For the first time in the case of an OLED TV, these Samsung devices have also obtained the FreeSync Premium Pro certification from AMD, which recognizes the excellence of the gaming experience with OLED.

Finally, to offer even more viewing options, Samsung includes the Samsung TV Plus service on all its smart TVs. The service offers free TV streaming with ads (FAST) and video on demand for a total of more than 1800 channels globally, of which more than 50 directly owned and operated, and reaches 24 countries and 465 million devices worldwide , between TV and mobile devices. It’s completely free to use and requires no downloads, sign-ups or additional devices.

But the Korean giant is also relaunching the Samsung Gaming Hub, a new gaming temple that provides users with unlimited access to thousands of beloved games, offered by partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce Now, Amazon Luna and Utomik with no downloads, no space limits and no need console. For Samsun this hub “represents the most intuitive gaming experience: to play you just need to turn on the TV, and use your favorite accessories, such as headphones and Bluetooth controllers, without the need to buy other hardware”. Launched in 2022, Samsung Gaming Hub also guarantees high image quality and a whole new way of understanding gaming, made up of multitasking, expanded partnerships and 4K streaming. Players can even watch different types of content at the same time.

The 2023 GameBar 3.0 updates include MiniMap Sharing and Virtual Aim Points and elevate the gaming experience for every gamer. MiniMap Sharing allows you to view the map of the current game on any screen, while Virtual Aim Point, designed for first-person shooter games (FPS), highlights the crosshair for always on target shots, in every game. Samsung Gaming Hub is also available on Samsung smart monitors and gaming screens, including the Odyssey series. The Odyssey Ark monitor rotates to orientate the screen in portrait or landscape depending on your preference, for immersive gaming at 55” with 1000R curvature and powerful sound.

Finally, to keep pace with consumer needs, Samsung is launching new products and lifestyle features that allow you to customize the way you view and use your screens. Among the products, the new model of the laser projector The Premiere stands out, which becomes 8K. The ultra-short throw projector will be available in an 8K version, for even higher resolution on larger screens up to 150”. Then there is The Freestyle, the last frontier of flexibility as it allows you to watch your favorite content anywhere, which in 2023 will be enriched with the new Smart EDGE Blending function, thanks to which you can use two projectors at the same time to play content in 21: 9 without aligning or adjusting anything manually. The 2023 model of The Freestyle will also support Samsung Gaming Hub, to have entertainment always at hand.

In 2023 Samsung renews and perfects the Art Store with features such as instant preview and an expanded content offer, recreating the experience of a visit to an art gallery or museum. Also new is the option to choose a metal frame, which gives The Frame a modern and elegant look. Samsung’s new TV line-up can be installed using the auto-rotating wall mount and stand, which now also allows other TVs, in addition to The Sero, including The Frame and the Neo QLEDs, to automatically rotate to display media content even in vertical format.

But to complete this premium video experience, Samsun focuses on incredibly immersive audio with built-in speakers, features and devices that make viewing practically ‘cinematic’. It starts from the remastering of sound with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for TVs and Samsung’s top-of-the-range soundbars will offer using AI to remaster each sound object in order to always have clear voices, perfectly enveloping ambient sounds and each element at the same time. perfect volume, to arrive at new soundbars such as the top of the range HW-Q990C, with 11.1.4-channel sound that supports Dolby Atmos, and the ultra-thin HW-S800B, with all the immersive power of Dolby Atmos, which encloses 3.1. 2 channels in just 40mm high and 38mm deep. Finally, the Q-Symphony function in 2023 represents the latest iteration of the harmony between TV and soundbar, and will offer an extreme evolution of sound by using the TV’s neural processing unit to analyze audio signals and process each sound , returning a wealth of details never experienced before. “In 2023 we will redraw the boundaries of innovation to offer consumers not only images of excellent quality, but a truly holistic experience linked to premium devices, customized according to the needs and expectations connected to a connected home,” says Cheolgi Kim , EVP of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “With SmartThings our advanced technology is intuitive and seamless, for a more sustainable, accessible and fun everyday life.”