“At dinner, at dessert time…”: Teo Mammucari and the background regarding Gerry Scotti

Teo Mammucari tells a background about Gerry Scotti: “At dinner, at dessert time …”, below are his words

The famous TV host has revealed a background on his colleague. His words have blown everyone away. In fact, no one would have expected such a confession. Are you curious to know what it is? If so, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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Teo Mammucari’s background on Gerry Scotti: his words (Source: Instagram)

Teo Mammucari and the background on Gerry Scotti

Gerry Scotti And Teo Mammucari, as well as two very famous TV hosts, they are friends and colleagues. The two work together on “Tu si que Vales”And right there they cemented their relationship. In an interview with Tv Smiles and Songs, Mammucari confessed: “A true friendship was born. And it makes me a bit like an older brother. I call him Gerrone. When he comes to Rome he calls me: ‘Come on, let’s go eat’ … it’s not obvious. And we would like to make a program together “.

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And precisely on the dinners with his colleague, Mammucari reveals an unprecedented background, which no one ever knew until now. Always a Tv Smiles and Songs, in fact, he revealed: “At dinner, with Gerry Scotti. Or rather: often after the shooting we go to dinner all together and at the moment of the dessert Gerry says: ‘And now Teo gives us a good number…’. I can’t tell him no “.

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Mammucari has a great passion for magic. At “Tu si que Vales” he is always impressed by the magic performances. “Manipulation has always fascinated me” – stated in the interview – “I also signed up for a course, I studied it for two years. People think it’s easy, just ‘knowing the trick’, they don’t realize the work behind it. So when I meet a good guy, yes, I really admire him “.

The only one, however, who had the pleasure of seeing him perform as a magician is precisely Gerry Scotti, who explicitly asks him during business dinners.