At each hemisphere of the mind a disc, it is ‘Duality’ by Dardust

It comes out on October 28th, published on the international market by Sony Music Masterworks and Artist First, “Duality”the new record by Dardust, pioneer of alternative classical music. Anticipated by the release of # 001 Coordinate, # 002 Hymns, # 003 Horizons (which contains Horizon In Your Eyes, premiered at Eurovision Song Contest 2022) and # 004 Fluidity, “Duality” will be a double album containing 20 tracks and will be released on digital platforms as well as in double CD and double vinyl format available from today in pre-order (

While in previous albums Dardust has always tried to combine piano minimalism with electronics, creating a crossover between neoclassical and pop, in this work his two realms are split into two parallel and at the same time converging experiences. “The passion that I cultivate for the study of human psychology has helped me to understand the dualism that has always been present in my musical expression – says Dardust – In previous albums, the emotional world of the piano and the more cognitive world of electronics have always merged creating new sound perspectives and a crossover between neoclassical and pop with magical elements that come from soundtracks, from a certain club world, from fantasy movies, from romantic music. In this step I decided instead to work these two aspects as if they were worked by my two hemispheres separately. Black and White, Electronic and Piano. The two extremes of my musical and artistic imagination as Dardust “.

Each of the two discs represents a different hemisphere of the mind. The piano solo part expresses the pure emotion and innocence of contemporary pianism through the observation of nature and the most spontaneous sense of improvisation on an emotional level, like that of a poet. The references are to be found in the culture of the Far East: in the Kabuki theater and in Zen. The concepts that permeate the tracks on this side are linked to a type of Japanese philosophy that refers to the flowering of sakura, cherry blossoms, which express fragility, beauty, mortality and renewal. The 10 tracks on this side of the disc tell, in fact, the cyclical nature of life through the seasons and how everything does not lead to an epilogue but to a prologue, a continuous starting point.

The electronic side symbolizes the rational part of our brain, the “engineer” who lives inside the artist. The tracks have been shaped with a new sonic geometry linked to patterns, beats, synthesizers and musical worlds belonging to different styles that come together to give life to a new type of artistic tale. Each song has a theme and a riff that creates a unique identity in its own right within which you can grasp references to the sound of the nineties, to the soundtracks of Carpenter, the Goblins, the italo disco, the garage UK and at Nu jazz. In this world of contamination, the analogue approach is combined with the digital and finally organic one thanks to the intros and outros created with the collaboration of Studio Murena.

Dardust will return live in 2023 with Duality tour 2023, the tour with which he will stage his two souls – solo piano and electronic – in a multidimensional and unique live experience, with spectacular visual effects. The tour is organized by Bpm Concerti ( The first confirmed date is that of March 4th in Ascoli Piceno. Dardust is Dario Faini, one of the most listened to Italian pianists of the new generation in the world.