“At first I thought it was a horrible thing”: Will Smith tells himself without restraint

Will Smith tells himself without restraint: “at first I thought it was a horrible thing”, the story surprises the fans.

The very famous Hollywood actor Will Smith opens up and talks about his relationship with his wife. The secret of the couple’s lasting relationship is revealed.

Will Smith tells himself without brakes (Source Instagram)

Will Smith and his wife, the beautiful actress Jada Pinkett, they have been married for 24 years, and together they had the well-known children Jaden And Willow. The couple of actors always show themselves very united and happy when they are on the red carpet or on some other occasion. What is their secret? Certainly a great affection and mutual respect, but not only. Apparently there is something more that makes their marriage so lasting. Smith in an interview for GQ he talks about himself without filters and also talks about his particular relationship with his wife. “Marriage doesn’t have to turn into a prison,” says the actor.

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Will Smith tells about himself in his relationship with his wife

The actor in the past had already made some statements about the relationship with Jada Pinkett that had amazed the fans, and now returns to talk about it with an open heart. The charming actor reveals that he has an open relationship with his wife, and both reject monogamy. However, the relationship must be characterized by the utmost sincerity and respect. “Marriage doesn’t have to turn into a prison. The experiences, the freedoms we have given to each other and the unconditional support, for me, are the highest definition of love “.

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Will Smith tells himself
Source Instagram

Smith he said he got help from a mental coach to be able to feel good with this condition, clearing what traditional society requires. “At first I thought it was a horrible thing to have such thoughts, then I cleared my mind and realized it was okay to be myself. Just to think that Halle was attractive. It didn’t make me a bad person to think that Halle was beautiful, even though I’m married. ” The Smith spouses would have found the secret to remain themselves but be together peacefully. Their daughter also comes to support their open relationship Willow, who firmly believes in polyamory. “Monogamy is outdated and forces you to betray. It’s better to be honest and have open relationships with more people, ”he explained.

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