At GF Vip 4 for everyone it was ‘Mummy’: what happened to Aristide Malnati?

Let’s find out what Aristide Malnati is doing a year and a half after his adventure within the walls of the most spied house in Italy.

When in 2020 he participated in the fourth edition of GF Vip, it was impossible not to become attached to him and not to appreciate his vast culture. The journalist, papyrologist and ancient history expert Aristide Malnati he was one of the most unprecedented competitors in the history of Big Brother and his presence was an added value inside the house also from a human point of view.

At GF Vip 4 for everyone it was ‘Mummy’: what happened to the papyrologist Aristide Malnati? (Mediaset Infinity)

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Born in Milan on 10 July 1964, ‘Mummy’ (this is the nickname given to him by his friends and roommates at the GF) he attended high school, but not everyone knows that Alfonso Signorini was his schoolmate.

He then graduated from the University of Milan with a thesis on the Alceo papyri, he continued his studies in Classical Philology in Zurich and with two doctorates in Strasbourg. In addition to being a journalist, his career as a papyrologist boasts sensational successes that have given him international fame: in fact, he managed to translate a very important text into ancient Greek considered the first testimony of Stoic philosophy.

Moreover, thanks to in-depth studies, he managed to have a more precise historical collocation of the Gospel of Mark. Arrived on TV in 2012, he participated in several broadcasts such as Afternoon 5, Chiambretti Night and L’Isola dei Famosi in 2016.

Last year he entered as a competitor in the home of GF Vip 4, finishing in fifth place in the final: his path in reality was one of the most popular with the public who still follow him with affection today. Let’s see what the former gieffino does today!

Aristide Malnati after GF Vip 4: what the papyrologist is currently doing

Followed by over 40,000 followers on his Instagram profile, after Alfonso Signorini’s experience in the program, Aristide continued to carry out his work as an expert journalist in ancient history.

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It currently leads History and Mysteries, TV program broadcast on Telenova in which, through reportages from all over the world, he deals with the mysteries of history and the wonders of nature.

Aristide Malnati
Photo source: Instagram

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