AT LAST HE RETURNS! Rocrío Marengo returns to Chile to be part of a dance contest

The return of “Here you dance, talent above fame”, the successful dance program on Channel 13, is fast approaching. The new season promises to be a success, and the new addition to the program is the well-known television figure and model Rocio Marengo.

Rocío Marengo, a 42-year-old trans-Andean, has practiced classical dance since childhood and has participated in various dance programs on Chilean television, including “Locos por el baile” and “Fiebre de baile.” With almost 20 years of career in Chilean television, Marengo has had extensive experience in various roles, from being a celebrity newscaster to participating in reality shows such as “Mundos oppositos 2” and “Doble temptación”. She has also dabbled in animation in “One Minute to Win.”

“If I connect with the music and the song, I bring out my best version,” says Rocío Marengo. The model and television figure is excited for her return to Chile and for the opportunity to participate in the new season of “Aquí ella se baila”. “I have the prizes I’ve won in my living room. Now I’m nervous because I don’t know what the competition will be like, but I have a nice adrenaline rush to start a new project. I’m going to give 100%.”

Rocío Marengo is excited about returning to Chile SOURCE: Channel 13

Rocío Marengo has also left her mark on Argentine television, participating in popular programs such as “Showmatch”, “Bailando por un sueño”, “Patindo por un sueño”, and more recently, the reality show “El hotel de los famosos”.

According to Rocío, what distinguishes her is her dedication and constant effort. “I am a person who wants to learn and grow, I always study and prepare. And I think that is something that people appreciate and reward. In dance, what defines me is my connection with music and song, what makes that I bring out my best version. For me, these programs are a great opportunity to show my best self,” says Rocío.

The model and television figure has shown her talent on stage and her experience in television, which makes her a great star to join the program.