At last there will be TV all night: Channel 13 starts with programming 24/7

Channel 13 is beginning with a renewed program commitment. Because in addition to the new seasons of renowned spaces in its star block, such as “Here you dance” (Mondays and Tuesdays), “Qué dice Chile prime!” (Wednesday), “Socios por el mundo” (Thursday), “I’ll pick you up” (Saturday) and “From you to you” (Sunday), the former university station will now have 24/7 programming, that is, 24 hours each day and every day of the week.

“Channel 13 has always been at the forefront of the media and together with world trends and the needs of viewers, so having programming every day of the week, day and night, is part of what is being done today. it was necessary to start. People’s television consumption has changed, it is 24/7, and from that place we began to offer a grill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where a live program stands out late at night. , something pioneering within Chilean television, such as ‘No te duermas’, and thematic re-broadcast programs during the weekend”, points out José Alonso Navarro, content manager of Channel 13, adding that “in this sense, our offer it’s varied and we think it fits what late-night viewers expect depending on each day of the week.”

Pioneers with a live program on the late night of the week

It should be remembered that the 13th began with late-night programming on weekdays in January, marked by an unprecedented project on Chilean television. A live and direct program that was born from, that is, from the digital area, and that later went on to the open screen, “Don’t fall asleep”. This program, with magazine content with games, contests, interviews and various topics, is currently broadcast from Monday to Thursday after 3 in the morning and is hosted by Andrés Ramírez, Stefani Petersen and Eduardo Aguilera.

“’Don’t fall asleep is the first project in the history of Chilean television that a channel started thinking about digital (October 2022) and being broadcast live on the channel’s web and social platforms, and thanks to its numbers it went on air . Today, after three months on the air, we see how it has become a real and unique alternative, 100% live for the night audience between 03:00 and 05:45 hours”, declares Cristián Hernández, digital media manager on the 13th, adding that “’Don’t fall asleep’ is a bet on a new 100% own format, on 100% new faces that start off digitally and finally make their way on the screen”.

theme weekend

And just as “Don’t fall asleep” stands out during the late night of the week, now the former signal of the little angel has added programming in that time block on weekends, and every day is thematic.

The late night on Fridays will be retro and that is how at 02:25 pm “Revive Monday” will take over the screens of the 13th, with the best of a classic from the television station such as the program “Long live Monday ”, animated by Cecilia Bolocco, Kike Morandé and Álvaro Salas. Then, at 4:50 a.m., “Giant Tribute” will come, which reviews the great moments of another emblematic channel on Channel 13, such as “Giant Saturday,” with Don Francisco.

On Saturdays, meanwhile, it will be late-night with cultural programs and reports, starting at 01:45 in the morning with “Buscando a Dios”, with Jorge Said; then at 2:30 a.m. “Transiberiano”, with Claudio Iturra; later, at 3:15, “Plato única”, with Marcelo Cicali; and at 5 AM the iconic “Speaking Places”, with Pancho Saavedra.

Finally, Sunday will be thematic with content from the press department, highlighting at 3:05 am the rebroadcast of the chapter broadcast that day in the morning of the current affairs program “Central Table”, hosted by Iván Valenzuela.