At ‘Le Iene’ who molested Greta Beccaglia, Francesca Fagnani alongside Savino

Tomorrow, Tuesday 30 November, in prime time on Italia 1, ‘Le Iene’ is back. With Nicola Savino and Gialappa’s Band the protagonist for one evening will be the journalist Francesca Fagnani: “I have always been a fan of this program – he says – because it combines two of my great passions: investigations and fooling around. It is different from everything and everyone. honored to enter this studio, with Nicola and Gialappa’s, preceded by so many determined girls. I will be at the service of the program, as happy as worried by those bad boys! “. In the episode: Alice Martinelli meets the ‘groper’ of Greta Beccaglia, the journalist at the center of the news these days because of the harassment she suffered outside the Castellani stadium in Empoli. The Toscana Tv correspondent was making a live connection with the studio to collect the first impressions of the fans at the end of the match between the home team and Fiorentina, when the man, passing by, touched her buttocks.

Not only. The investigation by Ismaele La Vardera continues, starring the volleyball champion Roberto Cazzaniga, cheated for 700 thousand euros by a self-styled model with whom he believed he had been engaged for 15 years. The correspondent leaves with him for Cagliari in search of Valeria, the woman who in the previous service had been recognized by the volleyball player as the ‘voice’ with whom he spoke on the phone and with whom he was in love. Valeria – one of the women who allegedly set up the scam – made him believe she was the supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, and with the pseudonym Maya she deceived him, constantly asking him for money and using as an expedient some phantom serious health problems and fake operations at the heart, relying on Roberto’s sensitivity. Was Cazzaniga the only one to be scammed by her? The sample will be a guest in the studio.

The victim of Sebastian Gazzarrini’s joke will be Piero Ausilio, the manager and current sporting director of Inter. His daughter Giulia, an accomplice of the envoy, will make him believe that she is engaged to a man much older than her from whom she has just received a car as a gift. The father does not take her well at all and, imagining that the man has approached her for unclear purposes, ends their relationship. The actor, who in the meantime will show that he is absolutely not interested in the girl, has in reality only hatched a sort of trap for the manager: he has summoned a group of fake fans who, angry at Ausilio’s latest choices and with the aim of having clear answers from the Inter director on the fate of the team, he locked poor Giulia in the ball cage on a football field. Creator of ‘Le Iene’ and project leader is Davide Parenti. Directed by Antonio Monti. The program can be followed in streaming, even abroad, on