At San Siro mural against Mancini, bloody ball with bin Salman

the work ‘Welcome to Saudi Arabia’ by street artist aleXandro Palombo which appeared on the occasion of Milan-Newcastle

Roberto Mancini together with Mohammed bin Salman and to many champions – from Ronaldo to Neymar to Benzema – holding a bloody ball: this is the subject chosen by street artist
aleXandro Palombo for his latest work, a series of murals that appeared today on the stadium of San Sirowhere the Champions League match will be played this evening Milan-Newcastlea team owned by the Saudi prince.

The work, entitled ‘Welcome to Saudi Arabia’ – explains a note released by the artist – aims to “overturn the narrative with which the regime of bin Salman tries to clean up its image in the world and hide its crimes through the acquisition of major football clubs and the organization of international sporting events. Sign football stars at stellar prices such as Ronaldo, Benzema, Neymar or name Left-handed coach of the Saudi national team means buying their reputation and the consideration of their public to divert attention from the problem. All this tends to betray those values ​​that have always represented sport as an educational and social tool for the protection and promotion of rights.

“Mohammed’s Saudi Arabia bin Salman it is one of the most obscurantist, misogynist and ferocious countries ever, where human rights, freedom of expression, freedom for women and that of the LGBTQ community do not exist and any sign of belonging to a religion other than Islam is punished “, he reports aleXandro Palomboinviting us “not to turn away from the true face of Mohammed’s reign bin Salmanbecause this is not a game but a political plan with which theSaudi Arabia uses football as a means of mass distraction to insinuate itself into our lives and numb our consciences, do not be complicit in this process of colonization of our freedom because in Saudi Arabia freedom does not exist.”